How Driven Products Uses Our NetSuite Data Exporter Tool

About the Company


Driven Products, a leading eCommerce business that sells wheel accessories, prides itself on delivering quality parts fast and at a great value. Founded in 2008, the company strives to create distinctively unique buying experiences on the internet. They fulfill most orders on the same day. They understand that delivering products quickly is very important to their clients. Processing data easily is essential, helping them to respond promptly as well as process orders faster.


What They Were Looking For


Driven Products’ team uses Google Sheets to process data and collaborate in real-time. They are able to work collaboratively with NetSuite data. However, it can be quite challenging to export data to Google Sheets. A manual process such as uploading CSV files is often required. For years, the company looked for a tool that integrates with Google Sheets. Initially, they built a transfer tool but moving saved searches was relatively slow. They were struggling to transfer the many searches they gathered every week. While the tool eliminated the manual process, it could only process a few saved searches at a time. With no easy way to manipulate their saved searches in NetSuite and transfer them faster, the company President, Mr. Derringer, began looking for a better solution.

The Solution They Found


After conducting a search on Google, he found the NetSuite Data Exporter tool developed by GURUS Solutions. This tool takes saved searches from NetSuite and quickly moves them to Google Sheets, thus, eliminating data challenges within NetSuite. Users can leverage colorful charts, pivot tables, and custom filters & formulas, as well as private sharing with partners, shareholders, and clients.

How it Helped

Our Netsuite data exporting tool saves them hours every week. They now save the time they used to move searches to their former tool and then export them to Google Sheets. The Exporter tool offers them flexibility when it comes to sorting and filtering data, merging results from multiple searches, and creating pivot tables. They have access to various chart colors and options; they can create dynamic reports and leverage custom dashboards for better data visualization. Driven Products uses the scheduler to import daily reports into the exporter tool. Over time, they have discovered various ways to use it, helping them save time and speed up processes.

Through the Data Exporter tool, GURUS Solutions is helping Driven Products automate and accelerate transferring saved search results to Google Sheets. Once that is done, they can leverage the powerful features within the spreadsheet program.

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