NetSuite ERP for Eye Care Industry:

FYidoctors Leverages NetSuite’s Cloud ERP and the GURUS Solutions to Grow Fast & Expand Their Line of Advanced Eye Care Products and treatments.

GURUS Solutions (North America’s largest NetSuite ERP Partner) provides Canadian Eye Care innovators and industry leaders, FYidoctors, with a powerful cloud enterprise planning infrastructure to run every aspect of their growing business - from their state-of-the-art lens laboratories to their advanced treatments and long line of products.

Founded in 2005, FYidoctors began as a group of independent doctors that wanted to provide the best and most advanced eye care solutions possible to better help people. More than 15 years later, they are now the largest doctor-owned provider of eye care services and products across all of Canada. When they came to GURUS for help with their NetSuite ERP implementation, they were looking for the right partner to help guide them and understand their day to day business processes at length so that it would be a smooth transition into the cloud.

We recently sat down with FYidoctors’ Accounting Manager and Corporate Controller, Nicole Smith and Amit Varshney, respectively, to discuss their experience working with the GURUS team during their ERP implementation project.

During the interview, Amit (Corporate Controller) explains, “We, actually, were in the process of looking for a new ERP system - trying to figure out what we wanted to do to really help us keep growing and scale. We got into contact with GURUS and felt they were the right fit for us as we were implementing NetSuite”. He goes on to say, “They provided a scalable approach based on what our needs were, so they were flexible"

Watch our Testimonial Video for the full interview and hear Nicole and Amit’s journey to the cloud with Oracle NetSuite and where they are with their new ERP today.
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