NetSuite ERP for the Non-Profit Industry:

NetSuite ERP for Non-Profit: GURUS Solutions Helps Scale Up Operations for Opportunity Fund

Leading non-profit organization, Opportunity Fund (based in San Jose, California) overcomes growing pains and expands its operations across the U.S. with the support of the GURUS Solutions team and Oracle NetSuite’s ERP cloud infrastructure.

What is Opportunity Fund’s Non-profit Mission?

Opportunity Fund’s mission is to help striving entrepreneurs across America, with a focus on underserved individuals, immigrants, women, and minorities who want to grow their business but struggle with high-interest rates from banks. The organization’s slogan is “We believe everyone deserves the chance to succeed”.

Where NetSuite ERP &
GURUS Lend Support:

We sat down with Nicole Letellier, the VP of Accounting & Controller at the non-profit organization, to discuss their NetSuite implementation and experience working with GURUS.

Having been around for decades, the team at Opportunity Fund was faced with the rising impact of technology on the non-profit industry. Their audience, investors and the number of entrepreneurs and small business owners that required their help were growing at a very rapid rate. The organization was overseeing a number of increasingly more complex and bigger processes for donor management, requirements in detailed reporting, grant accounting, managing audits across multiple states - and struggling to keep up with all of it on old systems that simply weren’t keeping up with their organization’s growth. 

Through a collaborative approach, the GURUS Solutions NetSuite team was able to help Opportunity Fund in developing the best ERP functionalities to support their cause. From simplifying data imports to leveraging NetSuite’s sophisticated donor management and multinational capabilities, they are now able to save time that they used to spend on manual processes and now invest that into their mission and have a larger impact.

Opportunity Fund

Now, the California-based organization looks forward to increasing its operations across the 45 states it serves and expanding financial support to more entrepreneurs than ever before. As small business owners, from all walks of life, get the help they need, the organization’s hope is that they can play a part in creating new jobs and promoting innovation in America’s booming business market.

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