NetSuite ERP for Engineering-to-Order

Powerhouse Controls Takes on a NetSuite ERP Implementation with GURUS to scale up their operational efficiency.

Powerhouse Controls Ltd, a leading Engineering-to-Order (ETO) business that provides automation and Drive Systems solutions, takes on an ERP implementation with the GURUS Solutions NetSuite team as their partner of choice. Our team sits down with their team to discuss the project, their business, and their experience taking on a new cloud-based system to scale up their operations for unprecedented efficiency.

From their start in 1992, Powerhouse Controls Ltd has strived to deliver the best possible operational efficiency. Today, they are recognized for their world-class service as a single-source drive and automation systems integration supplier. As an Engineering-to-Order (ETO) business, they provide automation for industrial solutions across a number of industries, including to the automotive and nuclear verticals.

When they came to GURUS to undertake their NetSuite ERP implementation, they were previously using their own homegrown system that included spreadsheets. In speaking with James Rellinger, (Accountant) and Sandy Davies (Project Manager) from Powerhouse during our interview, it is clear that their business was evolving beyond the point of being sustainable on smaller systems. They were scaling up their operations fast and needed the kind of robust cloud-based software that could help manage their projects and financials all in one and provide visibility across their company. 

Watch the Full Interview with James and Sandy to hear about their firsthand experience taking on their new Cloud ERP implementation and how they expect to deliver greater service to their clients.

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