NetSuite Data Exporter Tool helps SOIL with NetSuite Search Export

About the Company


Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL) is a Haiti-based non-profit organization that addresses the country’s sanitation crisis by designing, testing, and implementing cost-effective and sustainable solutions. SOIL deploys simple and low-cost container-based toilets that require minimal water, thus providing dignified and safe access to sanitation. It has operated in Haiti since 2006, revolutionizing the sanitation approach by offering a full-circle service, from containment of human waste to reuse. 

It capitalizes on the ecological sanitation (EcoSan) process, which helps to convert waste into rich, organic compost that eventually becomes a natural resource for depleted soils in Haiti. The organization transforms conditions by providing sanitation, as well as producing valuable compost for agriculture and reforestation.

It works with communities to create and test socially and ecologically beneficial solutions.

What They Were Looking For


What led SOIL to choose GURUS Solutions’ Data Exporter Tool as their right solution when it comes to moving saved searches from NetSuite to Google Sheets?


Erica Lloyd, Director for Research & Innovation at SOIL, explains that they started using NetSuite in 2017 for accounting, HR, and other management processes. However, most of their data processing and reporting was done on Google Sheets. While they were now able to manage all the main business processes through the ERP, manipulating data and exporting saved searches was a problem. Subsequently, they began looking for an easy way to keep their Google Sheets updated with the data from NetSuite.

The Solution They Found


Erica Lloyd came across the Data Exporter Tool designed by GURUS Solutions, and she says “it was a godsend” because it did exactly what they needed. The tool helps businesses to overcome data challenges within NetSuite. It takes saved searches from the ERP and exports them easily to Google Sheets, allowing you to take more control of your data within Google’s spreadsheet program.

How it Helped

Our NetSuite data exporting tool helped SOIL to automate and accelerate the process of exporting NetSuite saved searches to Google Sheets. Today, they can move all their saved search results at the click of a button. They can easily manipulate saved search data and quickly prepare reports about specific information. 

SOIL’s staff are also able to leverage the powerful tools within Google Sheets. They now use these tools to process saved searches and generate beautiful charts and tables. They can also create custom dashboards and dynamic reports. Our tool saves them the time they used to spend on manually downloading saved searches before uploading them on Google Sheets.

Having timely information makes it possible for SOIL’s managers to make informed decisions, which helps them to develop better approaches to sustainable sanitation service and innovative service delivery models. SOIL has been able to reduce its cost per toilet per month and serve more customers with the same budget.

Our Data Exporter Tool solved their data transfer and manipulation challenges, thus facilitating them to deliver their mission of providing sustainable, dignified, and self-managed sanitation. 

Are you experiencing data challenges within NetSuite? You can gain more power over your data using our data export tool. It helps to automate your data transfer process, allowing you to focus on essential business processes. 

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