How Technology is Shaping Planning and Budgeting for Businesses

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How do companies go into their planning and budgeting season with the most reliable data, in order to budget accurately? 

With global software developers, like Oracle, leading the way with their cloud-based planning and budgeting tools, what are the next steps in technology for CFOs? 

Watch this short video to hear GURUS technical consultant, Matthew Jay, discuss data accuracy, planning and budgeting in the cloud, and using AI software for your accounting.

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Video Transcript

John: If we had to forecast the future of technology, maybe even as an ERP in addressing these issues, what do you think we're looking at in five to ten years?

Matthew Jay: It's heading towards something that's more artificially intelligent but I also believe that you always need that human touch as well. Right now what software there is in the market, nothing incorporates artificial intelligence with it so I definitely see that there's potential growth in that sense.

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But in terms of what is there right now, I think there's already a very good, solid foundation. There's great integrations that already come, that function well with the software that exists on the market too, so you'll always be planning and budgeting with reliable data. 

Then you'll be able to use that and hopefully those genius Steve Jobs out there will be able to develop something to help forecast and leverage the information that exists.

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