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For companies who don’t require an abundance of customized features and functionalities for their ERP, NetSuite SuiteSuccess is the ideal direction to go.

Acting as a complete backend solution, its prebuilt design works to get your business up and running faster with NetSuite thanks to its rapid implementation methodology.

This quick deployment doesn’t affect your NetSuite offerings as you will still have access to all features within a single system: KPIs, workflows, reports, and dashboards will all be available for use starting from day one - for all key roles within an organization. 

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box functionality that also has industry-leading best practices built directly into the system for you, NetSuite SuiteSuccess is the way to go.

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What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

Back in 2017, NetSuite launched SuiteSuccess in order to simplify the ERP implementation process. A preconfigured solution, customers have access to high-level processes and functionalities from day 1.

With the possibility to have your go-live happen within 60-100 days, it’s an ideal solution for companies who want to achieve a certain efficiency without sacrificing time or budget. 

NetSuite ensures that launching an implementation in less than 100 days doesn’t cut corners, customers will still have full access and capabilities of any other NetSuite experience, including:

Out-Of-The-Box Capabilities

Directly on the cloud with features that support a growing business, your NetSuite instance supports a variety of industries.

Engaging Support

No need to worry about a quick launch and NetSuite support leaving you in the dust. Customers will have access to a consultative approach throughout the implementation cycle and beyond.

As your business evolves, NetSuite will be there to address any challenges, changes, and needs.


Even though you start off with an all-in-one solution, it doesn’t mean you can’t customize, add modules, and increase usage as you scale. 

Based on when you need it, you can easily expand on certain features and applications to increase adoption, ROI, and operational value.


Throughout your time with NetSuite, rest assured that your system will constantly be updated (twice a year), feature new releases, and give you full access to SuiteApps - a marketplace filled with third-party applications to improve your software.

Features of NetSuite SuiteSuccess

Launching SuiteSuccess provides customers with a preconfigured package with all the appropriate features and capabilities to get your business operations up and running.

That being said, NetSuite offers an abundance of Editions to fit with the unique needs of each business. From finance to retail, there is a package for everyone.

Financials First Edition

If your company is growing at an unprecedented rate and you’re unable to keep up with the financial aspect, this edition is perfect for you. 

Scaling and adapting as you go, it will provide you with a financial management foundation.

Starter Edition

The SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is for small companies that have major growth potential and looking to launch a new ERP, especially one that has capabilities to address inventory, projects, and other challenges specific to the industry.

Agency Edition

Bid-to-bill workflows, improved billing, and accurate invoicing are just some of the features available. Not to mention you can facilitate your agency operations with an integrated account management and project management solution.

Apparel and Footwear Edition

Whether you’re just starting out or have been a longtime professional in the game, it’s crucial for clothing companies to have an omnichannel presence that is integrated into one system.

This avoids the tiresome and often error-prone process of managing inventory, order, merchandise and customer satisfaction. 

NetSuite ensures that you can enjoy a strategy across different platforms, while ensuring your data is always found in the right place.

Health and Beauty Edition

For the health and beauty industry, many companies continue to provide service online as well as in-person. This is no issue with NetSuite as it manages all aspects of your systems, front and back to give you a strong foundation to transform throughout the years.

Food and Beverage Edition

Here you will find a unique set of business processes for ecommerce, finance, supply chain, and order management that are the leading practices in operational efficiency in order to stay ahead of the game.

Manufacturing Edition

Manufacturing companies have endured an ever changing landscape over the years. With SuiteSuccess, a pre-defined and pre-configured solution ensures that all decisions can be made on a real-time basis, whether it’s procurement or production.

Nonprofit Edition

Designed to deliver results - an especially important concept in nonprofit organizations -, NetSuite’s cloud based system provides nonprofits with top-notch fiscal management to always be in the know of your finances and donations.

Media and Publishing Edition

A unique set of processes that interlink your subscribers and advertisers for the best operational efficiency. 

NetSuite ensures success through essential features such as financials, sales, services, and analytics.

Retail Edition

Continue growing your business across as many platforms as you believe fit. Easily reconcile the different sources of data and profits through strong management and operational performance.

Software Edition

A solution designed to fit the needs of your software business, SuiteSuccess also provides you with the chance to add certain features down the line once you’ve outgrown your package. Whether that’s billing, contract renewal, or subscription management.

Wholesale Distribution Edition

Avoid living in the past and upgrade your business in a single system that establishes a strong integration between all your software and platforms.

You’ll notice quickly how it empowers employees to retain better communication tactics with enabled software that automatically links between regions.

Why Choose NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

A preconfigured, fixed-fee solution allows rapidly growing companies to implement NetSuite quickly, within a specified timeframe, and most importantly, on budget. 

At its base, you will have access to the accounting and financial functionalities as well as other modalities that are designed for your specific industry. 

As your business grows or changes, NetSuite’s “stairway approach” guarantees users the opportunity to add different features based on the business needs.

For example, throughout the years you may require customizations, optimizations, or a completely different process. With NetSuite that is all possible. It aims to replace your existing challenges with solutions that can be used throughout the scalable years.

Most importantly, you will always have access to visual-driven dashboards that consolidate data and analytics for actionable insights.

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