Integrated Engineer-To-Order (ETO) For NetSuite / OpenAir


Learn more about GURUS Solutions’ custom Engineer-to-Order solution for NetSuite.

At its core, engineer-to-order is a manufacturing process where the product is designed, engineered and finished after the order has been received. 

The GURUS team has developed features and best practices designed to handle the complexities of engineering-to-order businesses, leveraging the power of NetSuite and OpenAir to help manufacture the perfect solution. 

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Video Transcript

Integrated Engineer-To-Order (ETO) For NetSuite/OpenAir

Engineer-to-Order focused businesses will constantly deal with the pressure of having to deliver projects on tight deadlines and fixed budgets. 

This tends to become a struggle when a significant part of the budget is non-labor related, your bill of material is undefined at the beginning of your project, and continually shifts throughout the span of it (as cost and design keep evolving). 

Although most ERPs support inventory management, manufacturing and project management, these processes typically live in silos and are not always connected to each other.

With globalization affecting businesses of every scale, you want to stay competitive and have the ability to design anywhere, build anywhere and sell anywhere, all while complying with local legislation.

NetSuite OpenAir for Engineer-to-Order


GURUS’ Engineer-to-Order Solution for Team Collaboration brings your business to the next level. By leveraging NetSuite with OpenAir, we can help your business run their projects in an integrated fashion by breaking down disparate silos. 

Project managers and the procurement team will share a centralized hub, providing full visibility on the underlying procurement strategy execution in NetSuite.

By easing cost tracking, we allow project managers to monitor their actual costs against budgeted costs, which in turn provides more accurate information in terms of revenue to recognize for the finance team.

We help you: 

  • Streamline your procurement processes by providing features that allow you to support different procurement methods such as building, buying, transferring, or taking from existing stock. 
  • Achieve seamless communication between departments for facilitated information sharing and reflect the costs back to your projects to ensure you meet deadlines and deliver on budget. 
  • Track purchases at “task” level, allowing you to better manage costs, despite undefined BOM. 

GURUS is a consecutive 5-Star award-winning NetSuite Partner with more than 14 years of experience with project-driven companies and top consultants across North America. Our team specializes in packaged custom design solutions for ETO businesses. 

To learn more about integrated ETO for NetSuite/ OpenAir and our solution for next-gen Team Collaboration, visit our website at