Running a Wholesale Distribution Business With NetSuite


Find out how you can evolve your wholesale distribution business with ERP software built for the Cloud.

GURUS Solutions works with your team to implement and tailor and NetSuite solution for Wholesale Distribution that allows you to seamlessly manage your inventory, gain full visibility over the status of your orders, meet your customers everywhere through the power of omnichannel commerce, and more.

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Video Transcript 

Running a wholesale distribution business requires getting the right products to the right people at the right time.

Top wholesale distribution companies today run their business with cutting-edge systems, encompassing all areas of their business under one application; order handling, inventory management, and pick pack ship processes, as well as making sure to use all information to optimize planning, procurement, and logistics.

NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Kit


Then there is profit margin optimization managing three-way consolidation and vendor cost recovery while keeping your products, channels, and customers in focus. 

Got it? Top distributors do! They have access to all the data they need for success. Taking control with a holistic view of their company's various data, webstore integration for streamlined selling and forecasting, and multi-location inventory visibility.

By taking advantage of cloud technology, they have secured access to advanced analytical tools from anywhere.

Got it? We do.