NetSuite ERP Implementation Cost Explained: The 3 Key Factors to Consider

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How Much Does it Cost to Implement NetSuite ERP?

There’s no real average cost of a NetSuite implementation, which makes this a very tricky question to answer. In truth, no two implementations are really the same because every business has a unique aspect that will impact their project. If you want to know the real estimate or pricing of your ERP implementation project, there are a few crucial factors you need to consider before you get started.

I like to compare an ERP Implementation to a heart and lung transplant while running a marathon. It is complex and can cripple your company if it isn't done properly. 50-60% of implementations actually fail because of unforeseen obstacles when a project is taken on without attention to details.

At GURUS Solutions, our team has over 15 years of experience in implementing thousands of NetSuite systems. Over this time, we’ve seen a lot of different scenarios and worked with numerous clients that had unique needs that required special attention to detail in order to ensure their project was a success.

From experience, I can tell you that there are the 3 areas where we have seen implementation go-live dates pushed and costs explode. These are the three key factors that will determine your true project cost and should be considered heavily in your ERP implementation planning process.

Data migration

It is very easy to look past something as obvious as data migration when implementing any given new system. Oftentimes, business teams can get so distracted by the bright and shiny bells and whistles of their system that they forget they still need to figure out how to transition years of historical data and processes.

Do not underestimate the effort it takes to export your data from your old system, clean it, and re-import in NetSuite.

We have rescued countless NetSuite implementations where the prior partner just dumped that task on the unsuspecting customer during the sales process to get a lower cost of implementation.

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Integrations between your NetSuite ERP and third-party applications, including any existing systems you are not replacing.

You will find many connectors available to bridge NetSuite to other applications, it is one of the strengths of the ecosystem. However, you have to dig into the specific of the connectors to make sure it supports your business processes. You can be surprised with additional scope to customize your integration down the road, leading to cost overrun.

At GURUS, we can also help you with any integration work you might require. As a connector, our team uses Dell Boomi.

What is Dell Boomi & How Does it Work? See the full video.

Learn about NetSuite Modules by Industry in our Guide

Scope creep during the project, leading to large custom development

It is possible that you might need specific functionality that extends beyond the modules you purchased. You have to manage those changes carefully. 

The trap lies in new requirements to change the system to behave like the old one.

If the functionality you require is key to your business, you are in luck, as NetSuite’s strength is in its massive ecosystem of add-on modules.  The right partner will identify those early on and help you plan out your project accordingly.

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I hope this information was helpful in giving you some context in terms of NetSuite implementation pricing.  If you need to know how much Netsuite Licenses cost, check out my previous video - where I explain how Oracle NetSuite pricing works.

One last thing to keep in mind is that not every NetSuite implementation partner is equal. NetSuite customers can choose to work with any among dozens of Service providers across the world, based on their location, industry and needs. When seeking out a partner for your ERP implementation, be sure to pay attention to these 5 Selection Criteria to make sure you have the right fit.

For an accurate pricing on your project, your NetSuite partner will need to know more about your business and your requirements. At GURUS Solutions, we try to make the NetSuite business discovery process as fast and easy as possible for you by starting with our online NetSuite Pricing Calculator. Build and price your package based on what your requirements are so that it’s easier to navigate the sales process with your NetSuite partner.

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