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So, you’ve got a few integrations in mind that you would like to implement to enhance your NetSuite experience. The tough part of deciding which applications to add is over, but now you’re unsure of how to connect everything.

Fret no longer, with Boomi, you can integrate, enhance, and automate it all.

Known as a connector or middleware, Boomi is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) platform that streamlines data between different software integrations, providing you with instant visibility and collaboration across the board. 

No more manual imports or exports, Boomi automatically connects your external sources to your main NetSuite hub.

Here at GURUS, we partner with Boomi for all sorts of integrations from HubSpot to Salesforce and much more.

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What is Boomi?

Boomi is an iPaas (Integration Platform as a Service) solution that is often referred to as a middleware or connector.

Its main objective is to provide software and cloud services with the capabilities to build and deploy applications. Boomi - and middlewares in general - are like the veins that connect the main organs to each other. 

In regards to NetSuite, that means having complete access outside of the ERP without ever leaving the main hub.

While NetSuite ERP has a number of applications and products that are built directly within the software, there are more and more tools that require a middleware to connect. 

Boomi streamlines the communication between the different applications and ensures that siloed programs are properly connected. It has become the most cost-effective way to run different applications at a scale. 

For users who have NetSuite integrations, a Boomi platform is an integral part of staying in complete control of certain systems like customer data and inventory management. It cuts out the middle step that requires you to move back and forth between broken systems.

The Benefits Of An Integration

As companies continue to scale and respond to the ever-changing landscape of economics, the need to look outside of the box is becoming more common.

For example, ERP software that handles core financial management functions is of course a necessary software component, but it’s only the beginning. 

Depending on industry specific requirements, organizations require software applications that extend well beyond the invisible walls of an ERP. Distributed systems across an organization’s ecosystem need to be automated across departments, regions, and sometimes even countries. 

Cloud-based middleware works alongside software developers and system architects to set up frameworks, developments, deployments, and capabilities to solidify applications. Once in place, an organization can take better advantage of their cloud software and benefit from highly automated workflows.

For certain ERP users that continue to implement on-premise systems, but are slowly incorporating cloud software into their operational processes, will also be happy to know that middleware software can easily connect to both, creating multiple infrastructures.

In fact, a common issue that is faced by companies today is managing complex systems.

A Boomi connector is highly efficient and effective for distributed applications. It simplifies deployment and management of systems in order to keep integrations quick and cost-effective. It supports almost any environment - supply chain, strategies, automation - the list goes on. 

It’s an ideal solution for any ERP system as it also guarantees proper data security management. Everything is completely automated across the board, especially if you’re using NetSuite. Meaning, all data stays secure within each system and integration. 

Without a middleware like Boomi in place, businesses will often fail the data security test when they have too many people importing and exporting data from different systems. Unfortunately, human-error is bound to happen.


What Can You Integrate With Boomi?

Boomi is quite the machine in that it connects with almost any application. For NetSuite users this is a goldmine as there is no need to migrate away from your principal ERP hub. You can keep your base and increase your reach.

If you’re using Salesforce, HubSpot, Shopify, or Procore as third-party applications, Boomi is the right integration platform to get data from A to B. It has a visual UI (user interface) and low code platform, which makes it easy to develop and monitor. These are just a few examples of what Boomi can integrate with. EDI and eCommerce platforms are additional possible connections.

On the other hand, for companies who have Salesforce as their main CRM (customer relationship management) platform, Boomi is excellent in that it can connect to Slack, HubSpot, NetSuite, Outlook, QuickBooks, and your call center software.

A leader in the iPaaS world, Boomi’s secure and unified platform mixed with intelligent data management are just a few reasons why the Boomi platform has the potential to be your best bet when it comes to connecting your applications. 

For companies who are looking for another cloud solution, this is the way to go.

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