Does NetSuite have a CRM?


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Available when implementing your NetSuite ERP and housing all the capabilities of a traditional CRM solution, NetSuite CRM manages interactions with current customers, prospects, partners, and vendors.

Thanks to a unified system, NetSuite CRM streamlines information across the entire customer lifecycle: lead, opportunity, order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support.

This platform offers the capability to automate sales processes, manage customer service, and enhance automated marketing as well as manage quotes, commission structures, sales forecasts, and partnerships.

In a time when sales and marketing are more valuable than ever, investing in customer relationship management, or CRM, software is crucial for business success.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

A CRM is a customer relationship management software that manages an organization’s client and prospect relationships.

It’s the ideal solution for growing business relationships, which in turn, help grow your business. Avoiding unnecessary manual management, a CRM keeps companies connected to customers all while streamlining processes between internal and external parties.

Thanks to technology advancements, CRM platforms have evolved to include more than the management of contacts, sales, and productivity. It is now used to oversee a full customer lifecycle, spanning across departments: marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer service.

What is NetSuite CRM?

Known predominantly as an ERP software, NetSuite is so much more than an accounting system. From add-on modules to customizations to built-in applications, it’s a powerful tool that extends well beyond operational processes.

As businesses increasingly invest in ERP systems, it’s no surprise that they want a solution that does it all. Of course, this is hard to find and will require certain integrations, NetSuite does come close, servicing more than meets the eye.

Sales and marketing teams can revel in the fact that NetSuite CRM features a wide range of components that are extremely useful to managing customers, prospects, and everything in between.

For those within your company who interact with customers - customer service, sales, account managers, a CRM provides them with real-time, updated data on each customer.

NetSuite’s CRM system gives support teams a bird’s eye view of any issues and enables employees to pinpoint the problem in order to solve it appropriately.

On the sales side of operations, business functions can be greatly improved with access to records that span prospect, customer, and order data. These business functions can enforce better opportunities, help upsell, incorporate better sales forecasting, fulfillment and commission.

Marketing teams can also benefit greatly from accurate data to customer preferences, transactions, and interactions. With greater access to records, marketing can deliver consistent and targeted content across the whole lifecycle. 

If you’re managing an online eCommerce business, this can enhance a customer’s experience two-fold thanks to an integration between NetSuite CRM and third-party commerce applications.

NetSuite CRM Functionalities

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

It’s come to the attention of companies that in order to advance, automation is crucial. 

For an organization that relies heavily on sales teams, there’s no better technology than SFA to give your team visibility into every part of the customer relationship from support cases all the way to inventory.

Marketing Automation

As any marketer knows: “when you target everyone, you reach no one.” However, with NetSuite CRM, that’s not the case. Marketing teams can target, build, launch, and measure campaigns, contact activity, and identify when a prospect is ready to be handed off to sales.

Customer Service

Good customer service is no longer a good thing to have, it's a must have. Without the proper software in place this can become tricky. 

NetSuite CRM ensures automated case management processes where customers can submit information online where company support can answer. 

Or, a company can provide an online FAQ to answer the common questions asked by customers.

Partner Relationships

When it comes to partner relationship management, it’s crucial to have real-time information between outsourced companies. 

Stay in complete control and communication over all partner-focused processes, including joint campaigns, lead management, partner commissions, and more.

Access Across Devices

No longer only available on computers, organizations can now revel in full access across devices from cell phones to tablets.

For those on the move this is great to monitor everyday activities: calendar reminders, logging call notes, submitting timesheets, and expense reports.

Reporting and Analytics

The ultimate feature in all CRM platforms is the reporting and analytics. It’s the heart of all processes. With NetSuite CRM, you have access to built-in reporting, real-time analytics, dashboards, and continuous performance monitoring.  

Sales benefit from sales pipelines, while customer service teams can analyze trends and satisfaction. Marketing can stay up to date with engagement and conversion metrics.

Benefits of a CRM

Single Source of Truth

Move on from the “swivel chair” method, where you’re constantly moving between different systems without proper integrations

Within NetSuite, one core foundation gives access to all customer data from online to interactions.

Improved Sales Performance

Lack of visibility into marketing and sales activity can lead to poor decision making. A CRM ensures full control of sales pipelines, forecasting, and a more streamlined sales process.

Marketing Campaigns

Without the proper alignment between sales and marketing, it becomes hard to target qualified leads and manage specific marketing campaigns. 

Customer relationship management platforms streamline campaigns across the channels and take real-time data to guarantee personalized content.

Customer Satisfaction Growth

Keep up with customer demand, issues, and solve them in the blink of an eye with access to a CRM cloud system.

Customer churn is of the past, it’s all about customer retention thanks to a full overview of all customer requests, submissions, and concerns.

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