How to Integrate NetSuite With Other Systems

The GURUS Partner Approach


"How do I integrate NetSuite with my third-party system (Shopify, CRM, HR, and other legacy systems)?" is one of the most frequently asked questions during an ERP implementation project.

Your ERP implementation is not complete without the right integrations, whether that means connecting your back-office system to your CRM, connecting with third-party applications and platforms like Boomi, Shopify, or even your legacy system.

Watch the video to learn how GURUS Solutions leverages over a decade of experience and knowledge for integrating NetSuite ERP with other systems across different industries to create a proven integration approach for their clients. 

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Video Transcript

The GURUS Integration Partner Approach for NetSuite

The most important part of choosing your ERP integration partner is finding a partner that meets your unique needs.

Every business is different and, oftentimes, understanding those variances will be crucial to ensuring that your project is successful, long after your go-live phase.

How do you know if you’ve found the right NetSuite partner

ERP Integration


Well, let’s talk about what a NetSuite project commonly entails

More often than not, your ERP implementation is not complete without the right integrations -  whether you need to connect your back-office system to your CRM, with third-party applications, Shopify, or even your legacy system.

A NetSuite integration project that’s done right will ensure that all your systems are working together seamlessly, towards a single source of truth.

How does an integration work and where does it come in?

When it comes to NetSuite implementations, most businesses have a number of legacy systems, CRM, HR, or Marketing platforms, and even complex third-party systems and applications that need to be connected to their ERP instance to streamline business activities.

That’s why you need an integration partner with expertise in both ERP implementations and integrations - a partner who will put in all the work that’s required to ensure your system is fully operational and effective. 

Choosing GURUS For Your Integration Project

Part of the integration process is understanding what needs to be integrated and how. 

That’s why our Gurus map the flow of information between systems to enable streamlined communication between departments. 

We provide specifications, mapping, design, a test plan, as well as training and user manuals to keep your departments informed and collaborate with your team as much as possible.

GURUS Solutions Expertise 

Our team of NetSuite professionals leverage over a decade of experience and knowledge for integrating NetSuite’s complex ERP with other systems and tools across different industries. We even offer custom integrated solutions for businesses in retail, wholesale distribution and engineer to order. 

We are a 5-star award-winning Netsuite team, the largest Netsuite services provider across North America with consultants across Canada and the U.S.