Is My Business Data Safe in the Cloud?


What is a NetSuite Administrator, and do you need one? This is a question asked by many companies that are new to NetSuite ERP.

As companies grow and share more information, the need for data security is rapidly becoming one of the biggest issues in today’s business world. 

In this video, GURUS Solutions Founder and CEO, Martin McNicoll, takes a look at the current trends in data security, including business systems and ERP secure infrastructures for growing companies looking to protect their confidential data.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, my name is Martin McNicoll, CEO of GURUS, and today I'll answer the question: Is my business data safe in the cloud?

Let’s look at the latest trends. According to a study published by Forbes in 2017, 73% of companies are planning to move their data security to the cloud within 2 years. But why is that?

Business to the Cloud


Well, when you think of data security for your thriving business, you think of the most robust solution available to protect the core of all your sensitive information. 

Managing your own on-site system needlessly opens your business to risk. If you don’t have a team of network admins, and security specialists checking your system 24/7 a day - you will be hacked. 

That’s why the future of your data security is in the cloud. 

When we talk NetSuite, we’re talking about four powerful layers of security for all your data. 

That means, you get the advantage of several redundant data centers, not just one, so your information is never vulnerable. Not to mention, NetSuite data centers are armed and guarded with 24/7 surveillance. 

Even more, their network is always being monitored for any and all unwanted intrusions. You can count on an expert Operations Security Team to ensure that. 

NetSuite has also implemented a sophisticated three-layer divide between user data and their application - so there is never any direct access. Only designated users have access to your information.

And beyond all that, their cloud platform is specifically designed to restrict user access to only the IP addresses your administrators recognize. You have total control over your data.