How to Connect Power BI to NetSuite

Looking to utilize Power BI within your NetSuite Dashboard? Here is how to integrate Microsoft Power BI to Oracle NetSuite.


First, log in to your Microsoft Power BI Account and select the report you would like to be shared within NetSuite. 

Once in the report: 

  • Go to the “Share” menu option
  • Click “Copy Link” 
  • Paste that URL into your Notepad

Go back to the same report: 

  • Go to “File” 
  • Go to “Publish to Web” 
  • Copy the “Link you can send in email” 
  • Go back to your Notepad and paste the URL. 

Once that is complete, you have to log in to your NetSuite account.

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Note: In your NetSuite account, you should already have Business Intelligence for NetSuite, Powered by GURUS, which is a BI tool specifically designed for data visualization and reporting with both NetSuite and non-Netsuite data.

  • Go to “GURUS BI” 
  • Go to “GURUS BI Configuration/GURUS BI Reports/” 
  • Select “New”
  • Name your Report
  • Go back to your Notepad and select the “Share Link” URL  
  • Copy it and paste it into the “Report URL”  

Back to your Notepad: 

  • Select your “Public Web” URL
  • Copy it and paste it into the “Report Embed URL” field

As a final step: 

  • Select a “Role” - either a specific “Audience” or “All Roles” 
  • Save your report.  

Once your report is saved: 

  • Go to your “GURUS BI” dashboard 
  • Under “Personalize” select a “Custom Portlet” to drag and drop
  • Then go to the ellipsis in the upper right-hand corner within that portlet, select “Setup”
  • Ensure that under “Source” the  “GURUS Business Intelligence Portlet” is selected and save  
  • Go back to the same portlet and this time go to “Edit” 
  • Under “GURUS BI Report” search for your report
  • Select your report 
  • Save

Now you can access and interact with a Microsoft Power BI right inside your Oracle NetSuite solution!

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