How To Enable Token-Based Authentication To a Role

Here's How To How To Enable Token-Based Authentication To a Role


Note: Before you begin, make sure that you have the “Administrator” role.

Once you have the correct permission, go to:

  • Setup > Users and Roles > Manage rules

Make sure to find, by scrolling through the options, the role that you wish to add Token-Based Authentication abilities to and click Edit.

Navigate to the Permission section of the role and click on Setup.

Note: Before you try to add the permission, make sure that it’s not already present.

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The permission that we are looking for, in this case, is “Log In Using Access Token”. Within the role demonstrated in the video above the permission is not present.

Navigate to the bottom of the page and search for “Login Using Access Token” and click on Add.

Once this has been added, click on Save.

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