How to Create Sales Orders in NetSuite

Here's how to create a Sales order in NetSuite


The main method used is to create the transaction directly from the sales order record.

  • Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Enter sales orders. 

  • Enter the required information in the header of the form.

  • Add the items at the line level.

  • Enter any information in the sub tabs if necessary. 

  • Once completed, hit the save button.

Once saved, the sales order status will change to “Pending fulfillment”. 

Once the sales order is fulfilled, it will have a status of “Pending billing”. 

When a payment has been accepted, in full, the sales order will have a status of “Bills”. 

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Remember: sales orders are placed from the Transactions tab, as you've just seen.

Sales orders with the status of “Open” can be canceled if not yet fulfilled. Or, alternatively, a partially fulfilled sales order can be closed. 

And that's how you create a sales order.


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