How to Delete an Invoice in NetSuite

Here's How to Delete an Invoice in NetSuite

Navigate To the invoice transaction you'd like to delete.

Note: You can quickly search the transactions by entering the invoice number in the Global Search bar.

  • Click Edit to enter the Edit view.

  • Drill down on Actions.

  • Click Delete.

  • Follow the message prompt to enter a reason for deletion.

  • Do the same as above to enter a memo.

  • Click Delete. 


NetSuite will bring you back to the transaction dashboard with the message notifying you that the transaction has been successfully deleted.

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  • A deleted transaction does not retain a record of the transaction details. 

    • However, a record of the deleted transaction remains in your audit trail. 

  • You cannot delete a transaction if it is linked to other transactions. 

    • For example, you cannot delete an invoice that has been paid. 

    • You can, however, close linked transactions.

That's how you delete an invoice in NetSuite.

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