How To Migrate Data From BigQuery To Google Sheets

Here is how to migrate data from BigQuery to Google Sheets



This is BigQuery, a data warehouse that helps you manage and analyze your data with built-in features like: 

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Thanks to GURUS’ built-in connector, BigQuery is now hosting our daily synchronized data from NetSuite. 

In this video we're using a demo project, called Gill Demo 2, that includes a data set, “NetSuite Production”, in which we stored all of our NetSuite data in tables and views.

In order to push the data from the data warehouse to Google Spreadsheet we're opening a new spreadsheet in this window, and the steps are simple from here: 

We're going to go to: Data > Data Connectors > Connect to BigQuery

We're going to select the project that we just saw, Gill Demo 2, the dataset “NetSuite Production”


Note: We'll have at our disposal all of our GURUS NetSuite data model in which we store all of our data coming from NetSuite.


We're now going to choose one of the tables and views to do our analysis on in the spreadsheet.

We’re going to choose the customer view, for example, and we’re going to click on Connect.

Now the spreadsheet is making the connection to Google BigQuery to show us the customer data that we selected.

And now the connection is successful. 

We have the customer view data available to us in Spreadsheets to do our analysis on. 

From this point forward, we can create a new chart, a new Pivot table, add functions or calculated columns to our spreadsheet. 

We can also edit the connection that we just made to the customer table. We can choose any other table or view, for example, the employee view. 

When we click the Connect button, the table will be refreshed with the employee data.

We can also modify the refresh options so the refresh will be synchronized periodically.

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