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For organizations that specialize in Professional Services, looking to have a better handle on projects, NetSuite Project Management is the ideal solution.

It establishes collaboration among teams and ensures managers stay on top of all projects thanks to real-time data, which help decision makers identify potential problems that can subsequently be solved as soon as possible.

A cloud-based solution, like NetSuite, gives stakeholders complete control and visibility to monitor reports, anytime, anywhere - facilitating the process of completion, which leads to fewer non-billable work hours and more satisfied customers.

NetSuite users can easily analyze financial metrics, observe project budgets, estimates, bookings, as well as work in progress, percentage complete, invoices, billing milestones, actual costs, and much more.

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What is Project Management in NetSuite?

For companies that rely heavily on project management (PM), having a module that easily connects to your ERP system is highly recommended. 

A key component in any business with teams of project managers is tools that can monitor project progress and ensure profitability. In order to master this, it’s important to have organization and full visibility into each operation. 

NetSuite Project Management is a module that integrates with an ERP’s accounting system. 

What does that mean?

PM teams can seamlessly manage time, track expenses, issue invoices, compare performance to budget and much more.

Instead of feeling entrenched with specific projects and inheriting potential issues due to a lack of tools, this project management software will improve all aspects of operational projects and keep that control of accounts when billable hours are concerned.

Not to mention, you can get a much clearer picture of your service costs, giving you a direct understanding of your company profits. 

Thanks to proper project tasks in place, project managers can improve productivity and feel more efficient. Creating a much higher level of ROI.


NetSuite Project Management Module Features

For those who currently use NetSuite, it’s an extremely complex, yet capable ERP system that encompasses all the hardware needed for different roles and departments.

For project management, it’s no different. As a rather commanding position, there are a lot of items and clients to keep track of in order to provide not only external customer satisfaction, but keep up with internal demands as well.

Project Templates

Thanks to reusable templates available within NetSuite, project managers can save time by standardizing the creation process for projects, sales orders, and bulk project creation. 

Based on preset template criteria, project managers can be easily assigned to different tasks.

Project Dashboards

The Project 360 Dashboard is designed to consolidate project status. It provides complete visibility into the entire project, including: Gantt charts, resources, and profitability. 

Users can also enhance their dashboard with important KPIs, which can be found in detail on each project area. Actionable links are used for faster mitigation as well as proactive measures, while updated views allow managers to ensure good health on all projects.

Project Center

Located directly within the PM module, the project center is accessible to view information about projects and enter transactions. This ensures crucial visibility as well as collaboration between team members. 

It can also be used to assign project resources.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

There’s nothing more important than customer satisfaction, which is done through positive communication and excellent execution. 

A CRM platform can organize calls, events, and tasks by linking them to specific projects, which means all the client information is in one place. 

Resource tracking, collaboration, and productivity are more effective and there are no unnecessary delays looking around for client reports in a multitude of different systems.

Project Budget

It's time you know where all your budget and costs are going and help predict margins as well as comparing estimates against transactions.

You will also be able to monitor the costs of each project to ensure tasks and timelines are on time and on budget.

Benefits of NetSuite Project Management

There’s no doubt about it, creating a project record or a service item has never been easier than with the NetSuite Project Management tool. It completely eliminates wasted time on projects that were otherwise caught up in manual entry and separate platforms. 

It improves productivity and collaboration among internal teams where anyone can easily track status and make changes to projects. Not to mention, cloud technology means access anywhere and anytime. Whether that’s on a mobile or with a team that’s across the country.

Dealing with external customers can be quite challenging and stressful, which means any way possible to lower risk is worth taking. In NetSuite you can record all project issues - and successes - from A to Z and discover descriptions, severity, dates and assignments.

Having crystal clear visibility means wonders for satisfaction, go-lives, and financial success. It’s essential to have up-to-date records and detailed data on expenses and time, especially when it’s billable.

It’s been said once and it will continue to be said time and time again, automation is a necessity for management. Especially when it leads to improved productivity, simplified templates, and faster payments.

Just like sales and marketing need to closely monitor their respective cycles, the project status must track the whole customer lifecycle process. From calls to activities to events, each of these are easily accomplished with NetSuite and real time data.

Analyzing profit and loss (P&L) is an aspect that must not be overlooked within a business. For companies within the professional services (PS) industry, this is the meat and potatoes of scalability. 

Easily monitor each project profitability based on reports and actual data. Managers can also easily analyze - and accurately see - the time and expense of each project.

NetSuite knows the importance of each division within an organization. It explains why there are so many modules available on the market.

For PS companies, project management tools will pave a clear path to success and take on the client cycle from sales to provide the ultimate support and services to customers.

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