Rescuing Your ERP Implementation: Why Choose GURUS Solutions

Why Choose GURUS Solutions


How do you overcome an ERP Implementation gone wrong? 

Richie Gimmel, President of Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc. talks about his company's journey to NetSuite ERP after a previously failed implementation. 

This video focuses on the importance of choosing the right partner, project success, and how Atlast Machine saved their implementation with the help of GURUS Solutions and their 5-Star award-winning team of NetSuite professionals.

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Rescue your implementation!

Video Transcript

Featuring: Richie Gimmel, President of Atlas Machine & Supply Inc.

“Implementations of ERP systems are never easy, but Martin from GURUS made that very clear to us early on, I think he said fifty-percent of them failed.

We really came to understand that the partnership with the implementation company is really key to the success of the project overall.

GURUS actually wasn't our first partner on this project. We had originally worked with a local company that really struggled with the complexities of our business. 

ERP Implementation Rescue


We recognized that we had a stake in this and GURUS was great about helping us understand what that stake was and how we contribute to the overall success of the project, and I think what really made GURUS the right partners was their ability to understand our business.

They then took their familiarity with the software, took the time to learn what we did, and helped us understand how to connect those two things together to make the business better.

I'm sure that that is one of the bigger reasons why we were able to get a successful implementation.”

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