GURUS Experiences Simplified NetSuite Time Tracking 


At GURUS Solutions, we scale up businesses with cloud solutions. Whether it’s a NetSuite implementation, rescue, or integration, our scope of projects extends to anything far and few between.

And, as a professional services company, time entries are especially important in order to track billable time.

For NetSuite Consultants, Project Managers, and Developers it's how they manage their workdays that often include client meetings, recurring meetings throughout the week, project management, internal discussions, on-site deliverables - the list goes on. 

For employees that have time blocks that range from 15 minutes to two hours, it can become very tiresome going through each daily entry.

For one Project Manager in particular, this was becoming rather time consuming, an additional to-do on an already jam-packed schedule.

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Thanks to a pilot project between Blue Memento and GURUS, she noticed that time tracking which would normally take two hours a day to document, now happens immediately with the click of a button.

By syncing calendars, emails, and events, NetSuite users can quickly populate time sheets with a drag and drop system. This is particularly perfect for users who have recurring meetings throughout the week. 

Who is Blue Memento?

Developed in 2019 by Done Technologies Inc, this innovative SaaS is, among other things, inspired by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to help its users complete and approve their timesheets using a completely new approach within a modernized tool.

By reimagining old conventional timesheets, Blue Memento has made the time entry experience to all NetSuite users more intuitive, more accurate, and easier than ever.

For users who have been experiencing challenges with completing and approving time tracking, the Blue Memento intuitive and smart software exclusively integrates with NetSuite to simplify your time entry process.

Who Benefits from Blue Memento?


This revolutionary software not only simplifies the whole time entry process but also acts as an employee's personal timesheet assistant.

It was intentionally designed to memorize and centralize all daily activities to help them complete their timesheets on NetSuite faster and hence, greatly improving their efficiency (saving up to 75% of their time).

New employees can benefit from being able to quickly learn how to use Blue Memento with a rather quick ramp-up due to its simplicity of use.

Blue Memento helps them make this task less time consuming and boring as well as offers them everything they need to remember the activities they have worked on in the past.

Approvers & Auditors

In addition to saving time for employees who fill out their timesheets, approvers and auditors also find convenience in a clearly laid out overview of all their employees timesheets.

They are able to approve timesheets much faster and notice fewer errors with more precision.

This ultimately leads to fewer round trips and thus results in up to 80% in time savings. Real time direct communication with NetSuite helps avoid the need to create and maintain external timesheet validation tools that are connected or imported from NetSuite (e.g. Excel).

Operations and Finance

By helping increase the accuracy and decrease the likelihood of invoicing omissions and errors, Blue Memento can lead to additional billing opportunities and better payroll management.

By assisting the time entry process, employees are less likely to submit their timesheets late and reduce the risk of errors.

This has a direct impact on the people in operations who must continually remind employees to submit their timesheets. No need to send threatening emails to your employees anymore.

In fact, all it would take is an average time saving of less than two minutes per week (about 30 seconds per day) per employee and using Blue Memento becomes profitable!

The Ultimate User-Experience

To use Blue Memento, users will simply need to connect to their preferred calendar, email,  communication tools, and project management system to allow them to visualize all their daily activities in a centralized timeline.

Completing the timesheets is a breeze using simple methods such as dragging and dropping events from their timeline (or by utilizing their favorites menu as a quick shortcut) onto their timesheet.

Repeat this action to complete the workweek and then simply sit back and relax while Blue Memento synchronizes with NetSuite!

Blue Memento uses the data stored directly in Netsuite for time entry (time entry, projects, tasks, etc.) and requires no other database in between.

No synchronization between Blue Memento and Netsuite is necessary because everything is done live. The same goes for the information used as input (agendas, emails, etc.), Blue Memento uses it to analyze and suggest time entries but does not alter this information in any way.

If you stop using Blue Memento for any reason, no information is lost.

The Importance of Streamlined Timesheets for Businesses

Having accurate and simple-to-use timesheets can go a long way for businesses struggling to get their employees to commit to completing their timesheets on time.

Empowering employees with the right tools can not only improve their productivity and engagement, but also help them use their time in a more meaningful way.

On the flip side, employers are constantly looking for new ways to improve the wellbeing of their employees while considering solutions that are innovative and budget friendly.

Blue Memento goes above and beyond that by first tackling the primary issue, being the pain of filling the famous timesheets, and then improving businesses’ bottom line with a cost effective solution that provides better payroll management and more accurate billing.

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