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For current NetSuite users looking for technical and optimization expertise, NetSuite Support Services can help with finding the appropriate solution for unexpected issues, and provide guidance throughout your configuration - for as short or long as you need.

For those experiencing performance issues, unaligned support, and insufficient onsite specialization, NetSuite Support Services helps organizations mitigate risks and accelerate growth.

Depending on your support needs, you can choose from different types of support, ranging from global support all the way to tailored assistance.

Certified NetSuite implementation partners are specialized in all aspects of NetSuite and are more than capable of providing outsourced support.

In a time when sales and marketing are more valuable than ever, investing in customer relationship management, or CRM, software is crucial for business success.

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What is NetSuite Support Services?

NetSuite ERP is a complex software that is bound to solve the business goals a company identifies at the beginning of their implementation journey. 

However, like most technology, there is a learning curve as well as moments where outside help is necessary.

For those who don’t have a NetSuite Administrator in-house to be on hand for quick decision-making, it’s crucial to know where to find NetSuite technical support outside of your organization.

NetSuite support is available to all NetSuite users experiencing issues in resources, performance, optimization, and more.

Benefits of NetSuite ERP Support

Investing in NetSuite support is crucial to keep business processes running smoothly during breakdowns. 

There are different types of support packages available, with beneficial services that include: experienced professionals, flexible plans, timely problem solving, and even tailored support. 

Customers can welcome NetSuite professionals who provide global support and will assist with any issues when you need, even those that are time-sensitive. 

This is useful as you can contact support on a need-to-need basis. This is particularly important for companies who don’t require a full-time NetSuite Admin.

You will see below four different NetSuite support offerings that range depending on the requirements you need at any particular moment. These flexible plans will give you access to information as well as the right assistance when you need it. However long or short that may be. 

More often than not problems and breakdowns occur at the least opportune moment. In these scenarios, it’s crucial that they are fixed in a timely manner before it spreads out to the front end. 

Skilled support teams will ensure to identify and subsequently resolve critical issues to avoid any impact on business continuity or supply chain. 

Many NetSuite instances are customized and configured to fit unique business requirements. Certain NetSuite support packages provide guidance on your specific needs, which inturn can highlight features that will better prepare your business for growth.

Types of NetSuite Customer Support

NetSuite has ongoing support for users looking for guidance and help for their system. Based on the support you choose, you will be able to access a wide range of support.

NetSuite Basic Support

For all users subscribed to NetSuite, Basic Support is open 24/7 and offers a basic level of help for questions and concerns.

Users will also have access to answers through SuiteAnswers as well as NetSuite’s Support Community (more information below).

NetSuite Premium Support

For those looking for a bit more options in their support cases, NetSuite Premium Support is ideal for complex situations. Toll-free help for any problem level, priority case queuing, weekend support, and notifications of early releases are just a few features.

Retailers and eCommerce companies will also be able to revel in the commerce response services.

NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS)

NetSuite Advanced Customer Support, or rather ACS, is the ultimate solution for companies in need of a more proactive approach.

ACS is designed to optimize and sustain your NetSuite system. It guides users and continues to keep their system running efficiently, ensuring your scalability.

ACS Playbooks provide companies with leading practices to follow during challenging turning points.

NetSuite Partner Support

NetSuite’s vast network of partners also have multiple promotions and support offers for their own environments as well as for their customers.

Implementation partners, like GURUS Solutions have decades of experience in NetSuite, from implementations to rescues. The knowledge of these partners extend well beyond the go-live and into support territory.

For companies working with NetSuite certified partners, ensure to discuss any issues with them before moving onto NetSuite Support Services. Their capabilities are oftentimes better for you as they’re aware of your unique NetSuite instance.

Support Requests

As mentioned above, all NetSuite users have access to Basic Support, where there are different ways to get the answer or problem resolved.

If you prefer talking to a NetSuite expert directly, that will always be available to you. For those who are simply looking for a quick fix to a question that doesn’t require major programming or development, there are two additional options.


An expansive knowledge base on everything NetSuite. From searchable support articles to best practices to training videos, NetSuite SuiteAnswers cover the most comprehensive topics.

Available to all NetSuite customers and partners.

NetSuite Support Community

In certain cases, the problem isn’t unique to you or your business, which is the reason for NetSuite Support Community.

It’s a forum where NetSuite customers help each other. Users can ask questions, get solutions for common problems, and learn about new features and updates in NetSuite.

All from existing customers who have most likely experienced a similar situation.

Certified NetSuite Partners

No matter where you implement your NetSuite solution (directly from NetSuite or a partner), you can get support from the global network of NetSuite partners. 

GURUS Solutions specializes in NetSuite rescues, implementations, customizations, and integrations. 

Our network of customers continues to grow as does our knowledge. For any NetSuite support questions or help in NetSuite, give us a shout.

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