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NetSuite is a complex software, but that doesn’t mean users can’t effortlessly navigate through the different actions. And when time is of the essence, it’s crucial to feel comfortable enough to find data and reports at a moment's notice.

Here are a few tips and tricks for the global search bar, enabling you to grab that information before asked:


Brings cursor to global search bar


Adding a wildcard (%) to your keyword gives you a bit of wiggle room when you don’t know what you are looking for.

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Use OR as a separator in keywords to how records containing any of the keywords


Append a (+) to your keywords to include inactive records in global search


To search a specific record type, add a caret (^) or a colon (:) after a prefix for that record type 


Enclose a keyword search string in  quotation marks (“ ”) or end it with a backslash (\) to yield only exact character match result

: :

Add an extra colon (:) after the (prefix)+(:) combo to open the search in a new browser tab  


When you don’t know how to navigate to a particular page, type Page: and add keywords 

Instead of typing out full words, here are common prefixes to get your records faster:

Cam → Campaign

Cash → Cash Sale

Con → Contact

Cust → Customer

Emp → Employee

Est → Estimate

Ev → Event

Exp → Expense Report

Fi → File

Invo → Invoice

Iss → Issue

It → Item

And to get on top of past, current, and future dates, a couple shortcuts:

T → Input the current date

Y → to input yesterday's date

Shift+T → to enter tomorrow's date

L → to input into the end of the previous period

P → to input the end of the current period

M → to input the last day of the month

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