5 Types of NetSuite Saved Searches


Being the first step in creating a saved search, selecting the type is an important step.

Although specific criteria and results can be accessed through joins, those looking for a simpler saved search build should know which saved search type is best for what they need.

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With NetSuite’s saved searches, managing your business’ data has never been easier.

Here are 5 of the most commonly used Saved Search types in NetSuite:

  1. The Customer Search type allows users to manage and sort customer data by sales performance, customer location, and industry. This feature is great for creating targeted marketing campaigns.
  2. The Item Search type is perfect for generating customized reports on product and service information, such as pricing, stock levels, and sales performance. Users can filter and sort data to identify top-selling products and analyze inventory trends.
  3. The Opportunity Search type allows users to track potential sales and forecast revenue. Users can analyze sales performance by lead source or industry, making it a great tool for identifying top-performing sales reps.
  4. The Task Search type enables users to create custom reports on task records in NetSuite. It's perfect for managing employee workload, productivity, and tracking task completion rates.
  5. The Transaction Search type is useful for financial tasks such as creating sales orders, purchase orders, and invoicing. It allows users to track cash flow and expenses, and produce reports for your GL, AR, and AP.

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