What is A NetSuite Admin?


What is a NetSuite Administrator, and do you need one? This is a question asked by many companies that are new to NetSuite ERP.

Hear Martin McNicoll, CEO of GURUS Solutions, explore the in-depth responsibilities of a NetSuite admin and where the role becomes crucial in a company's success, post-implementation.

McNicoll also explains business process outsourcing (BPO) for businesses that don’t need a full-time administrative resource for their ERP and the best tips for finding the right service for your needs.

You can learn more about Business Process Outsourcing for NetSuite here.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, my name is Martin McNicoll, CEO of GURUS Solutions, and today, I’m going to answer the question:

“What is a NetSuite Administrator?”

Later on, I’ll also talk a little bit about the role they play on your team and how different companies manage the responsibilities of a NetSuite administrator internally.

ERP Implementation Team


In short, your NetSuite Administrator is the person who will ensure your new ERP System works seamlessly within your company after a successful go-live.

Their tasks include:

  • Modify and create custom roles in NetSuite to enforce data security and control access.
  • Create and publish dashboards for groups of users within the company.
  • Assist and troubleshoot reports, searches and all of your day-to-day NetSuite needs and questions.
  • Use NetSuite’s advanced customization tools to create fields and add control views and new tables.
  • Import data and ensure the integrity of your NetSuite account.
  • Ensure your NetSuite customizations carry over flawlessly and help you take advantage of new features during NetSuite’s bi-annual releases.
  • Become familiar with new and different SuiteApps to help your business expand your NetSuite use.
  • And acquire the newest NetSuite knowledge to help your team keep up with evolving technological changes in the ever-growing NetSuite ecosystem

However, not every company has the capacity or size to hire a full-time NetSuite administrator, train them on business processes, familiarize them with their NetSuite instance, and have them as a regular resource.

Hiring a full-time NetSuite admin can be an investment that you don’t necessarily need to make any time soon.

At GURUS, one of the most popular services that we offer is Business Process Outsourcing.

But what does it mean?

We get to know your team so that we can assign you the best possible resource to act as your NetSuite administrator on a by-request basis so that you don’t have to hire one full-time.

One of our 5-star rated NetSuite pros will be available to troubleshoot your standard and administrative issues, providing ongoing support during your day-to-day.

By connecting to your business’ project management system, someone from our team will be there to help with anything from login and reporting to permissions, simple searches, and more.

When your company encounters issues they may have never encountered, you may begin asking yourself “how do I do this?” That’s when our experts come in.

You can learn more about Business Process Outsourcing for NetSuite and how to outsource your time-consuming admin tasks in the link below.

Or contact us directly to talk to one of our pros on the phone.

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