What is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?


Tune in for a quick video where GURUS CEO, Martin McNicoll explains, “What Is An ERP?” 

McNicoll explains what exactly an Enterprise Resource Planning system does, why you need one for your business, and how an ERP system can help you change the way you run your business.

He also introduces you to NetSuite ERP, the World's #1 Cloud-based ERP software, with a variety of solutions for different industries and business needs.

Learn more about NetSuite and ERP here.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody, my name is Martin McNicoll, CEO of GURUS Solutions, and today I will answer the question: “What is an ERP?”

So ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and according to Wikipedia, it is a management software that integrates core business processes of a company. So what does that mean?

NetSuite ERP


I mean, your company is all these departments or functions, right? Think about finance, marketing, sales, professional services, automation or service delivery, warehouse and inventory management, shipping payments, eCommerce, product planning, purchasing, even manufacturing.

So think about a centralized software with all your business activities in one place, making it super easy for all of them to communicate and share information.

This software attracts all of your business resources and facilitates information flow between all departments and manages your connection to the outside world.

With an ERP you get a 360-degree view of all your business in real-time and get everybody working with the same data, increasing productivity and reducing errors.

With the arrival of Cloud computing, ERP systems have become more accessible to businesses of all sizes.