What is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)?

The GURUS Approach


When you’re looking to take on an ERP implementation for your business, it’s easy to miss the most crucial factor in a successful project - choosing the right ERP implementation partner to guide you.

When it comes to implementing NetSuite ERP, GURUS Solutions, North America’s leading NetSuite ERP Implementation Partners, knows what it takes. 

Watch this short video to learn about GURUS’ unique approach to NetSuite implementations, and how having an implementation partner can help your project succeed. 

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Video Transcript

What to Look for in a NetSuite Implementation Partner 

When you’re looking at an ERP implementation, it’s easy to miss the most crucial factor in a successful project - choosing the right partner to guide you. 

When it comes to implementing NetSuite ERP, GURUS offers a unique approach called SHERPA.  The goal is for our experts to lead the way, while tightly collaborating with your team.

NetSuite Implementation Partners


What does that mean?

Well, we work alongside your skilled resources; we can help support you using a coaching approach; we can lead the project, divide the workload 50/50 with your team or we can take on as much or as little work as you feel comfortable with.

Ultimately, our approach accommodates the most flexible mode of engagement. 

SHERPA means “Guide”, and that’s exactly what our team will do - we guide you, in order to ensure you reach the peak of your company’s potential. 

For businesses that are making the transition into ERP, here are some of the steps that our experts will take you through; 

  1. A sit-down to discuss the architecture of your current business processes; 
  2. A prioritization of functionalities & discussion of customization needs; 
  3. An evaluation of strategic initiatives for streamlining back-office operations; 
  4. A collaborative selection of technology and change management.

Our Process:

GURUS uses a stage/gate process, carefully placing quality measures at the beginning and end of each phase of the engagement process, to ensure that strategic initiatives, technology, processes, change management requirements, and challenges are fully addressed.

About Our Team:

We are a 5-star award-winning NetSuite team, the largest NetSuite services provider across North America, with consultants across Canada and the U.S. 

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