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Oracle NetSuite and Boomi

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NetSuite and Power BI, How to Connect Your Systems

Are you looking to access and interact with Power BI reporting right inside your Oracle NetSuite solution? Watch our video guide to learn how.

Data Sheet: NetSuite To Any Reporting Tool

Download the BI for NetSuite product Data Sheet to learn more about the many ways in which your business can benefit from better reporting.

BI Connector for Data Visualization Tools

Transform your operational systems into strategic solutions in order to identify trends, analyze data, and store large datasets.

GURUS NetSuite Apps


GURUS offers a variety of NetSuite Apps that optimize business data using the Google Cloud Platform. These solutions cover tasks like NetSuite reporting, data extraction, visualization, BI, customized dashboards, efficient data processing, and more.

NetSuite Data Exporter

Easily export your saved searches from NetSuite into Google Sheets, where you can take advantage of custom filters & formulas, pivot tables, and more.


Business Intelligence for NetSuite

Get more out of your NetSuite data with our custom BI tool, which allows you to draw data across your systems and channels directly into NetSuite and display and update your data automatically in an embedded dashboard in your NetSuite account.

Artificial Intelligence for NetSuite

Access powerful AI-driven support directly within NetSuite through our AI for NetSuite solution, seamlessly integrated with your existing visualization tools.



Get Your NetSuite Pricing


Are you looking to scale your business? Look no further because GURUS Solutions has got you covered with a wide range of services offered by our top consultants.

2-10 Users

NetSuite Starter package

  •  Company that operates within one country
  •  Have a very defined scope of operations
  •  NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Package
  •  Business Architectire and Assessment

11-150 Users

NetSuite For Mid-market

  •  Operate within one or multiple countries
  •  NetSuite customizations and custom script
  •  Remote and on-site implementation
  •  NetSuite training and support

151+ Users

NetSuite Enterprise

  •  Have a large scope of operations
  •  Deal with multiple currencies and subsidiaries
  •  Regularly handle acquisitions
  •  We act as your NetSuite administrator

Businesses that have NetSuite

NetSuite Support

  •  Have bought NetSuite and require either pre or post go-live support
  •  Are in need of an implementation project rescue
  •  Require a system optimization, or a redefined system architecture

Find the right solution for you

When selecting the right solution, there are a number of variables you need to think of: price, business needs, sustainability, scalability, robust capabilities, training resources, and more. GURUS helps make the right choice, as well as offers a number of different solutions to help your business succeed. Each solution we offer is a solution we know works, which is why we’ve become experts in them.

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