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Get more from your data with our data warehouse solution.

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What Is Our NetSuite Data Warehouse Solution?


Building off our NetSuite business intelligence tool, GURUS is here to help you effectively store your data in the ultimate data warehouse: BigQuery.

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NetSuite Data Warehouse Benefits


Having a data warehouse for your organization is crucial, in order to remain competitive and have power over your data. Combining your NetSuite integration with our data warehouse solution will enable you to:

Adapt your data at any scale

Run analytics at scale

Make more informed decisions based on data

Protect your data

Democratize insights with a secure and scalable platform with built-in machine learning

What Challenges Does a NetSuite Data Warehouse Solve?

With GURUS Data Warehouse for NetSuite, customers with BigQuery can easily integrate NetSuite data in a powerful data warehouse tailored to your needs. GURUS Data Warehouse will allow for the:

Consolidation of multiple NetSuite and non-NetSuite data sources in a single repository

Ease of access to an optimized NetSuite data model available in BigQuery for business-centric analytics

Support of standard and custom NetSuite tables, records and fields available as raw data and views minimizing the deployment costs for your solution

Out-of-the-box connection to leading data visualization tools, such as Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau software (among others).

Processing of high volumes of data efficiently and quickly

Ability to leverage powerful data exploration and discovery capabilities for strategic Business Intelligence

Additional control of your NetSuite data without impacting your production NetSuite environment

Access of your BI solution via an embedded dashboard available right inside of NetSuite

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