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Get an interactive insight into:

NetSuite Financial Management Software
How Does NetSuite Work for Inventory Management
How to Create & Customize Dashboards in Your NetSuite
How to Use NetSuite ERP for Your Business Processes
And more.

All the while, our NetSuite GURU will be there to answer your questions and walk you through the ERP. They will be able to activate your NetSuite trial login, show you how to customize dashboards, how to set up roles, execute saved searches and demo some of its extensive functionality based on your role and requirements.

NetSuite ERP is the world’s leading enterprise resource planning system for small to midsize businesses looking to upgrade their accounting systems, while also taking advantage of an expansive ecosystem of add-ons and tools for everything from:

  • CRM functionalities
  • eCommerce Marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, etc)
  • Project Management 
  • Business Intelligence (BI)

To industry-specific customizations, role-based reporting capabilities and dashboards, and much more. All in the cloud!

Looking for NetSuite Pricing? Use Our NetSuite Price Calculator or Refer to Our 2021 (Updated Yearly) NetSuite Pricing Guide here.

How Does the NetSuite 14 Day Trial Account Work?

Once you’ve submitted a request for your account in NetSuite (Trial Version), you will be contacted by a specialist from our team at GURUS (North America’s Largest Oracle NetSuite Partner). Our NetSuite GURU will then guide you through the necessary steps to set up your account and be available to help answer your questions.

This trial account is completely free for 14 days (no credit card required) and will give you a beginner’s overview of how to use NetSuite software. You will be able to access your trial account from any device during the 14 day period (although a web browser is recommended).


What’s Included in The NetSuite Free Trial Account?

Access to the NetSuite platform for 14 days, including its wide range of features
A walkthrough of how to build reports in NetSuite
A NetSuite Expert available to answer your questions in 3 guided sessions, including a Q&A after your trial is completed

Get Your Trial NetSuite User Account

How Do I Qualify for An Oracle NetSuite Free Trial?

Your company must be based in the United States or Canada (or have subsidiaries in North America)
You must ensure that the email you provide is a corporate (and not a personal) email address
Fill in your details via our submission system and request your NetSuite login. One of our specialists will contact you at the time and date you select
The GURUS Free 14 Day Guided NetSuite Trial is not available for independent software developers looking for a testing and development account

NetSuite FAQ

Common NetSuite Questions That Are Asked by Trial Users:

NetSuite Starter Package

How Much Does it Cost To Implement NetSuite?

This really depends on a number of criteria around your business processes, required system integrations and exactly what kind of functionality you require. NetSuite’s ERP is renowned for being the most scalable enterprise resource planning software on the market, which means that your implementation can be as simple and straightforward or as complex and in need of an experienced touch.

We recommend discussing your project with an experienced and knowledgeable NetSuite partner (that’s what they’re for), preferably with prior experience in your industry. They will sit down with you and cater your implementation to your specific requirements and build the best possible project outline around your target price and timeline. For more information on pricing, be sure to check out our NetSuite Pricing Guide.



How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

NetSuite ERP is a SAAS platform that you pay for on a recurring basis. The price itself will vary based on a couple of factors, like how many add-ons you purchase, if you own any subsidiaries, and your number of users. There are actually three core NetSuite packages that are offered: NetSuite Starter Package (6-10 users), NetSuite for Mid-Market (11-150 users) and NetSuite Enterprise (151+ users).

You can calculate the cost of your licensing based on the number of users you will require and the size of your business using our GURUS NetSuite Price Calculator here.


Can I Request More Than One Trial Account for My Team?

Because this is a guided 14 day trial with one of our NetSuite experts at GURUS Solution, we recommend having your guided sessions with us in groups. Nonetheless, we can provide you with more than one user account. If you have another team member that would like to take part in the trial, fill in our submission form and include their email address as a comment before submitting.

How Does NetSuite Work by Role? Do You Have a NetSuite Demo?

Our guided NetSuite trial sessions will provide you with more insight into how NetSuite works by role, but we recommend watching the two videos below to get a high-level overview of how the ERP system can be customized for every role from the everyday user to the CIO, CEO, System Admin, Developers, NetSuite partner of choice, and more.

What is NetSuite ERP & How Does it Work?

Are you currently on a system like Quickbooks but rapidly growing and trying to learn about ERP systems before you make the decision to buy one? An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software like NetSuite is a lot more than an accounting system or a general ledger (even though these are core functions). 

NetSuite functions as the cloud-based center of all your business applications - think of it as a source of all truth across your company processes. GURUS Solutions Founder & CEO, Martin McNicoll, explains NetSuite in under 2 Min in the video below - give it a watch!


Does NetSuite Work with My Industry?

NetSuite ERP works across most industries and even integrates with a vast ecosystem of industry-specific software. At GURUS Solutions, our 5-Star award winning NetSuite team has experience and specializes in a number of leading industries, including:

You can browse our NetSuite by Industry Guide here.

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