Advanced Batch Printing

A GURUS Solutions client needed the ability to print several thousands of sales orders and invoices on a daily basis. The printouts were mainly to be printed on a dot-matrix printer - requiring very specific formatting. The client needed to be able to select large or small subsets of transactions to print, or even print them individually. The client also had a specific statement format, needed to generate statements in large batches, required the option to include printouts of all invoices related to the statement generated, and the ability to decide to print, email or fax. The client also needed to print labels based on the estimate line items that had lot numbers, as well as labels representing the vendor record for folder labeling purposes.


The main challenge with this project was overcoming metering limitations in order to be able to print an 'infinite' number of transactions, as well as:

  • XML to PDF for custom printouts of invoice, cash sale, sales order, statement, estimate (labels) 
  • Error logging/tracking
  • Integration necessary to communicate with printer



  • Batch print information custom records to store batch print details (centralized record to print statements, sales orders, invoices, cash sales and labels) 
  • User event, client and suitelet script to individually retrigger or download files directly from batch print information record 
  • Suitelet for each different record to print with huge set of filters 
  • Scheduled script with multi-queue management to generate the PDFs and send them to the print server 
  • Print server to receive batches and send them to the printer 
  • Ability to print sales orders, invoices, statements and labels in large batches 
  • In-depth level of search criteria to select subsets to print (date range, customer, customer and children, department, date created range, open transactions only, etc.) 
  • Ability to search for estimate record line items with lot numbers and print custom labels 
  • Statement criteria include : show only open transactions, include open invoices, to be emailed, to be faxed, consolidated statement, past due days) 
  • Ability to print, email or fax statements 
  • Ability to download PDF files in a zip 
  • Multi-queue processing used to optimize and allow fast PDF generation and printing

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