Chart Of Accounts Builder

There are only two ways of importing a Chart of Accounts into NetSuite, either via CSV Import or by Script. The solution that GURUS Solutions developed allows you to import a Chart of Accounts into NetSuite using a excel template (will support Google Spreeadsheet in the future) where you only need to provide your account names and desired properties, such as the number, department, amount, etc. This feature automates and makes the creation of a Chart of Accounts more user friendly. The user does not need to know the internal ids of the fields or worry about data validation as this is all handled in the background. The only thing the user needs to do is to fill the "Chart of Accounts" template and then let the script handle the rest!


  • Excel template needs to be defined by the user.
  • Make sure excel template creates the correct number of arrays
  • Large number of values to be imported



  • Optimize excel template (Macro can be easily added to ensure data validation inputted by the user).
  • Create multiple Scheduled Scripts.

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