NetSuite is updating its secure log-in requirements for 2019.1

By GURUS Solutions

A More Secure NetSuite Platform:

What does that mean for you?

NetSuite’s new security update in 2019 will require for all platforms integrated with NetSuite to be upgraded for tokenization (added security criteria during log-in). This new update is designed to ensure a new layer of safety for all your company’s important business data. 

What you need to know:

Since the launch of 2018.2, NetSuite requires a two-factor authentication for any users that are logging in through the user interface. Integrations with other systems are currently left with their traditional log-in methods. 

However, this will be changing as of early 2019, in order to boost your data security. NetSuite’s new update will require all platforms integrated with your ERP to also carry the same two-factor authentication measures.

Note: If your team is using NetSuite Sandbox, you will also need to upgrade its secure log-in.

Should I request a screening?

NetSuite users with integrations done prior to 2016 will likely require a professional screening by a NetSuite Provider to ensure that they can transition into the new security features without a hitch.


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