SuiteWorld 2020: What to Expect & Why You Should Attend

By: Alyssa Lamberti

If you’re a current NetSuite user or even a new NetSuite aficionado, you already know why you should be excited about SuiteWorld 2020. If you’re running a growing business or managing operations, accounting, manufacturing, or even human resources within your company - then you should get excited about SuiteWorld 2020. Oracle NetSuite’s yearly conference is coming up in April 2020, and it’s bigger than ever. Find out what to expect for SuiteWorld’s 10-year celebration and why you need to be there. 

Table Of Contents
  1. It’s SuiteWorld’s 10th Anniversary! 
  2. Learn About NetSuite ERP and the Cloud 
  3. Watch Informative and Engaging Keynotes
  4. Geek Out At the Expo
  5. Meet with 140+ Oracle NetSuite Partners
  6. Explore the Commons
  7. Visit the Grow & Tell Theater 
  8. Participate in the Hackathon 4Good
  9. Design at the UX Lab
  10. Attend Networking Lunches 
  11. Stock Up On NetSuite Merch
  12. Have Fun!

SuiteWorld is Oracle NetSuite’s yearly conference that brings together NetSuite professionals, users, and potential new friends, together to learn about the best practices and features on running your business with Cloud ERP. 

Last year, we put together a list of the Top 5 Benefits of SuiteWorld if You're Considering NetSuite that still rings true today. For SuiteWorld 2020, NetSuite has a whole list of other exciting events to expect. 

When and Where is SuiteWorld 2020?

Let’s just get the basics out of the way.

SuiteWorld 2020 is happening from April 20 to April 23, 2020, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in  Las Vegas, NV.

The event kicks off on Monday, April 20, 2020, at 4:30 p.m. with the Welcome Reception and is followed by the Opening Keynote at 6:30 p.m. The conference then concludes on Thursday, April 23, at 3:00 p.m.

For more information, you can check out the complete SuiteWorld 2020 agenda here

GURUS Solutions will be attending SuiteWorld again this year and we plan to make it the best year yet. Check out our events page for updates! 

Now, here’s what to expect this year...

1. It’s SuiteWorld’s 10th Anniversary! 

This year, SuiteWorld is celebrating its 10th anniversary and you’re invited to the party. This means that this year’s SuiteWorld is planning on being the best ever yet. Over four energy-packed days, NetSuite customers, partners, and developers gather together to make new connections, exchange ideas, and unlock the full potential of NetSuite. 

As part of SuiteWorld’s 10th anniversary, SuiteWorld is hosting an event called The 10x10 on Wednesday, April 22, which will be talking about 10 memorable acts and experiences. 

The year, the parties will be bigger, the keynotes will be better, and you’ll be more disappointed than ever if you miss NetSuite’s party of the decade. 

2. Learn About NetSuite ERP and the Cloud 

SuiteWorld is the future of the Cloud. This is where you can find out about upcoming updates and features, and learn about NetSuite directly from world-renowned professionals.

Attend keynotes and speak with various NetSuite partners and customers to ask questions, and hear their points of view. 

Do you want to know how NetSuite can solve your company’s pain points? Just walk over to a booth and ask! This is your team’s chance to get the best insight on everything NetSuite and the Cloud.

3. Watch Informative and Engaging Keynotes

SuiteWorld 2020 is packed full of amazing keynotes featuring a variety of different speakers, from a variety of companies. 

Attending the keynotes is the perfect way to:

  • Learn about NetSuite’s strategic direction and future plans 
  • Hear first-hand from NetSuite customers about their experience and viewpoint
  • Be inspired by the stories and advice of experienced business professionals 

Keynotes kick off on Monday at 6:30 p.m. and you can find the full list of keynotes here.

4. Geek Out At the Expo

The Expo is the heart of SuiteWorld. There’s a whole lot than you can do in this space, so we’ll break it down for you.

The Expo is the perfect space for networking with NetSuite partners, customers, and professionals to learn more about NetSuite and the industry itself.

Whether you’re running a company that’s looking to implement an ERP system or you’re a budding developer looking to get your foot into the door of the industry, SuiteWorld is your oyster. 

Chat with professionals at their booths, ask questions during keynotes, or meet up during SuiteWorld parties. SuiteWorld is made for industry professionals and aficionados alike. 

5. Meet with 140+ Oracle NetSuite Partners

As I mentioned above, there’s a lot you can do at the Expo. Meeting NetSuite’s 140+ partners is one of those things.

Stop by NetSuite’s partner booth to speak with partners that can help you solve your business problems and learn everything you want to know about Cloud ERP for your business.

6. Explore the Commons

The Commons in the ultimate NetSuite playground where you can engage with the entire NetSuite ecosystem, including experts from product, support, marketing, sales, and more.

At the Commons you can:

  • Watch NetSuite Product Demonstrations to see all NetSuite products in action and talk with the team that supports them.
  • Get your questions answered by a NetSuite technical product expert in a private 30-minute session. You can book pre-scheduled appointments or book one on-spot. 
  • Get technical at DEVLAND, SuiteWorld’s developer community space. Browse through the development resources and share knowledge with your peers and SuiteCloud platform specialists.
  • Engage with NetSuite’s Commerce Community and get hands-on experience with the latest Commerce product innovations. You can also take this opportunity to relax in the lounge. We know networking can be exhausting. 
7. Visit the Grow & Tell Theater 

The Grow & Tell Theatre is a keynote on a smaller, more interactive scale. Located in the Expo, the Grow & Tell Theatre is a place where you can hear NetSuite partners tell their stories of the past, present, and future. 

Learn how NetSuite partners first got into the NetSuite space, what they’re doing to stay competitive and become thought leaders, and what they’re planning on doing to unlock growth in their chosen industries.

8. Participate in the Hackathon 4Good

If you’re a hacking legend, or even a hacker-in-training, on Monday, April 20th, join the friendly Hackathon 4Good competition to help you develop and prototype an innovative NetSuite solution that will be used to help selected charity partners and organizations. 

9. Design at the UX Lab

From Tuesday, April 21 to Thursday, April 23, you can help NetSuite design the next generation of products and share your opinion on new product directions at the UX lab. 

If you’re an aspiring designer, current NetSuite user, or just looking to get into the industry, you can participate in one-on-one usability sessions with UX designers and product managers to help you learn and have your voice heard.

10. Attend Networking Lunches 

SuiteWorld 2020 is packed full of great networking opportunities, and the Networking Lunches are some of them.

Get together with other NetSuite users and professionals, and discuss over some delicious food. 

The lunches include: 

  • Cloud Du Jour Lunch: Tuesday, April 21
    Have lunch with NetSuite partners and find out if which partner may be a good fit to help your organization implement NetSuite, overcome business obstacles, or improve your back-office management. 
  • Birds-of-a-Feather Lunch: Wednesday, April 22
    Discuss technical challenges with NetSuite product experts and peers. Each table will be assigned a topic of discussion. The earlier you sign up, the more choices you have.
  • NetSuite User Group Lunch
    If you’re a member of a NetSuite User Group or interested in joining or starting one in your area, this is the perfect lunch for you. NetSuite User Groups are a great way to learn new techniques, share best practices, and get technical solutions from other NetSuite power users, administrators, and developers.
  • Product Roundtables
    Sit down for lunch with members of the Oracle NetSuite product management team to provide feedback and help shape the direction of future NetSuite products. Discussions will revolve around selected topics.
11. Stock Up On NetSuite Merch

If you’re into some good old-fashioned product swag, you can drop by the SuiteStore to stock up on cool NetSuite apparel, gear, and more.

The SuiteStore is also powered by NetSuite SuiteCommerce In Store (SCIS), so it’s also a chance to see the product in action! 

12. Have Fun!

As you can probably tell by all the events listed above, SuiteWorld 2020 is going to be an amazing learning and networking opportunity, but it will also be a great chance to have some fun. 

There’s a reason why SuiteWorld takes place in Vegas - because it’s the perfect place for a good time.

Between daytime events and nighttime parties, you’ll never have a dull moment.

Stay tuned for more information regarding GURUS Solution’s very own Customer Appreciation Event, coming soon!

We’ll See You At SuiteWorld 2020!

GURUS Solutions will be attending SuiteWorld once again this year as a sponsor! We’ll be bringing along ERP specialists, as well as other members from our amazing team to meet everyone else attending this year.

We’ll be posting updates about our booth and events on our events page so make sure to stay updated! 

GURUS Solutions is the largest NetSuite Partner in North America, specializing in everything from NetSuite implementation, integration, training, rescue, support and custom solutions. 

GURUS Boasts:
  • A specialized process for optimizing your daily operations with reduced risk.
  • 15+ years of experience working with NetSuite and the Cloud.
  • 5-Star NetSuite Partner for 8 years in a row.
  • A unique & collaborative approach to any project.
  • Experience with a vast number of industries.
  • Over 2100 successful projects completed.
  • Resources across all of North America.

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