Top 5 Benefits of SuiteWorld if You're Considering NetSuite

By: Alyssa Lamberti

Are you attending SuiteWorld this year? If you’re part of a fast-growing industry, looking to gain insight on how to grow your business or streamline your business processes, or just interested in the exciting future of ERP and Cloud technology, then you should definitely put SuiteWorld on your list of conferences to attend next year. 

What is SuiteWorld? 

SuiteWorld19 is an annual celebration of Oracle NetSuite customers and partners from all around the globe. It is considered to be the industry’s premier Cloud ERP conference - oh, and it takes place in Las Vegas, in case you weren’t already convinced that this event is amazing.
SuiteWorld19 is taking place on April 1– 4, 2019 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, where it will bring together NetSuite customers, partners, and product experts to share insights into business and career growth.
There are so many reasons why you should attend this conference - whether you want to learn, socialize, party, or all three!

Why You Should Be Attending SuiteWorld

1. Largest International Gathering of NetSuite Users and Professionals Worldwide

Witness a massive information hub for the NetSuite ERP world and connect with countless professionals across different industries. Find out about best practices in ERP, upcoming changes and feature enhancements in the Netsuite world, and attend sessions with experts in the world of Cloud technology. 

All the resources you’ll ever need will be at your disposal. 

2. Learn about NetSuite ERP and the Cloud 

The future of the Cloud is decided here at SuiteWorld every year. This is where you can find out about upcoming updates and features, and learn about NetSuite directly from world-renowned professionals.

Attending keynote speeches and visiting NetSuite partners at their booths will allow you to voice your opinions and needs going forward and be heard by the top names in the tech world. 

Do you want to know how NetSuite can solve your company’s specific pain points? Just walk over to a booth and ask! This is your team’s chance to get the best insight on everything NetSuite and the Cloud.

3. Get Real-Time Reviews & Testimonials 

New to or considering NetSuite? Sometimes, the best way to make a decision is by speaking to current customers. 

At SuiteWorld, you’ll get the chance to talk to current NetSuite clients and get real insight into how they use their ERP systems, what their best practices are, and which partners they’ve worked with to get actual reviews in person from CEOS, CFOS, Controllers, and countless other roles in your industry.

No need to worry about where the reviews are coming from when they’re right in front of you!

4. Find a NetSuite Implementation Partner

Are you looking for the right NetSuite partner to help guide your team and lead your future projects towards success? Then you’re in luck because you get the pick of the litter when you go to SuiteWorld. 

Anyone who is anyone in the NetSuite industry is sure to be there! You can take the time to have an in-person conversation with different reps at numerous companies until you decide on one that fits your vision.

Just a head’s up, GURUS will be attending SuiteWorld19 - so pass by booth #409 and come see us. You can also see our full SuiteWorld schedule here.

5. The Party! SuiteWorld is All About Work Hard/Party Hard 

SuiteWorld takes place in Las Vegas - did you really think there wasn’t going to be a big party or several big parties for that matter? 

This year’s big party event, “Glofest,” has Shaq DJ’ing at the AOS Dayclub and Nightclub at the Palms Casino Resort, along with a whole lot of special treats for guests that are attending. 

Not to mention all the parties that other SuiteWorld attendees are hosting, such as GURUS’ customer appreciation event at Legasse’s Stadium

Every year, SuiteWorld is packed full of some of the best parties in Silicon Valley! 

We’ll See You At SuiteWorld19!

That’s right, the GURUS team will be attending SuiteWorld19 as a Gold Sponsor this year!

We’ll be hosting our biggest booth ever, which means they’ll be more to see and learn! This year, our president, Martin McNicoll, will be giving a special presentation on Integrated Engineer-To-Order (ETO) for NetSuite/OpenAir to introduce you all to our new custom solution. 

Find out everything you need to know about GURUS’ SuiteWorld sponsorship here

Are you putting SuiteWorld on your calendar for next year?


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