Book Launch: Scale Up Your Business with Cloud Technology

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Author Martin McNicoll connects readers to experts in their fields and reveals simple-to-understand concepts for building a future-proof enterprise.

MONTREAL, Quebec, December 1, 2015 - North America’s guru in the cloud technology space, Martin McNicoll, launches his first book, Scale Up Your Business With Cloud Technology: A Practical Guide to Building a Future-Proof Enterprise. 

Known as a trusted thought leader in helping organizations virtualize their enterprise platforms, in this book, Martin guides organizations to focus on scalable core processes that can be integrated into cloud-based solutions rather than on-premise technology that will one day become obsolete.

More specifically, inspired by his experience in “weatherproofing” his own business, McNicoll provides key insights on how organizations can create their own “weatherproof” environment and prepare themselves for adversity so that when it strikes, they have a way out.  He also provides specific tips on how to become the most nimble competitor on the block - by becoming scalable. 

“I wrote Scale Up Your Business With Cloud Technology as a practical guide with ideas and tips you can act on immediately. Every scenario exists in the parallel universe of your organization, with your people, your processes, and your pressures,” explains McNicoll. “Some examples might speak to the entrepreneur in you, while others aim straight for the CIO’s and Information Systems Manager’s heart.”

To find out more about the book and Martin McNicoll, please visit his website at:  You can also order a copy of the book now, from, or a Kindle version which is available on both sites.

To hear Martin discuss this topic first-hand, please register for his webinar: Scale Up Your Business With Cloud Technology, to be held on Wednesday, December 9, 2015. 

About Martin McNicoll
Martin is CEO and founder of GURUS Solutions, a business consulting firm specialized in web-based technologies and solutions that is setting the tone for the future of business. As Cloud Consulting Pioneers, GURUS Solutions’ promise is to scale-up businesses with cloud solutions. Prior to founding GURUS Solutions, Martin served as an eCommerce Practice Manager at CGI, where he supervised the activities of the practice and led business development initiatives. Martin started his career with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), where he worked on high profile ERP implementations for fortune 500 customers. With more than 20 years of experience in the IT and eCommerce industries, and with an engineering degree in Robotics from l’Université du Québec - École de Technologies Supérieure (ETS), Martin’s drive and enthusiasm have made him an entrepreneur that is constantly questioning and pushing the limits of business.


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