Salesforce to NetSuite Integration Via Dell Boomi

Key Benefits

Stop manually inputting data between your CRM and your ERP. We call this the swivel-chair-method, switching from one system to the other. It doesn’t work.
By leveraging years of experience working with NetSuite, Salesforce, and Boomi, our team automates your lead-to-cash operations with streamlined data from your ERP to your CRM.
Sync your most important data in seconds to automate lead-to-cash and provide the visibility you need to deliver superior customer service.

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Our skilled Boomi integration experts can seamlessly connect Salesforce CRM to NetSuite ERP to achieve:

  • Automated Lead-to-Cash Workflows
    Streamline the flow of real-time data between Salesforce and NetSuite to create efficient lead-to-cash workflows. Automatically synchronize lead information, accounts, opportunities, sales orders, and more to ensure your team always has the information they need to close the deal.

Boomi Integration Services

  • Get Complete Visibility of Results
    Give your team full visibility into customer order history, payments, and communications stored in NetSuite to inform their customer interactions. Set up dashboards and reports to access timely insights for sales reporting and forecasting.
  • Eliminate Manual Data Entry
    Say goodbye to time-consuming manual entry and lookups for front and back-office personnel. Achieve unrivaled efficiency across your lead-to-cash cycle, freeing sales reps and the accounting team with accurate, timely order fulfillment.
How A Salesforce to NetSuite Integration Can Help Your Business
While Using Salesforce:
  • Automatically convert a Salesforce opportunity into a NetSuite order.
  • Access post-sales transactions such as invoices and payment statuses within Salesforce.
  • Get real-time data synchronization between Salesforce and NetSuite.
While Using NetSuite:
  • Attach new orders from current customers into an existing record.
  • Trigger a lookup in Salesforce for customers using NetSuite Order Creation.
  • Automatically update billing and shipping contacts from Salesforce in NetSuite.

How to Integrate NetSuite with Salesforce

Our certified Dell Boomi consulting services will help you master the art of lead-to-cash.

  • GURUS Solutions is a Certified Dell Boomi Partner.
  • 15+ years of Oracle NetSuite experience with over 2500 successful projects. 
  • Flexible engagement options for team augmentation, proactive integration monitoring, and OnDemand Boomi consulting. 
  • Consecutive award-winning NetSuite partner. 
  • Custom Boomi-compatible connector solutions across industries. 
  • Consultants across the U.S.A. and Canada, ready to help at any time.

Boomi Integration Services

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