NetSuite to HubSpot Integration


Known as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, HubSpot helps businesses get visitors to their site, and ultimately convert them to leads that become sales. It can also help your business better manage marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Plus, with a NetSuite to Hubspot integration, you can also ensure these and other teams collaborate better through full data visibility.

This popular software integration would build a two-way data flow between your HubSpot application and NetSuite ERP platform for streamlined sales & marketing operations. By leveraging these integrated systems, you will be able to create and update new leads and contacts automatically in your NetSuite CRM. This is important as it allows you to provide your sales team with valuable and real-time lead information that they can act upon for potential sales.

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NetSuite to HubSpot Integration, How To and FAQ

The most frequently asked NetSuite to HubSpot integration questions are answered here. From Boomi, to integration project timelines, and more.


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How Can My Business Benefit from a
NetSuite to HubSpot Integration?


Thanks to a HubSpot NetSuite connector, your business operations will benefit from more efficient processes and up-to-date information, without the worry of lost data or errors. The automatic flow of information removes the need for manual data entry, so your teams can focus on their more important tasks, such as building out marketing campaigns and closing more sales.

Automate lead data so it syncs seamlessly between HubSpot and NetSuite

Ensure new leads and lead updates in HubSpot are available in NetSuite for the sales team to take action on, in real-time

Send lists of contacts generated through NetSuite saved searches directly to HubSpot so they can be used for effective marketing campaigns

Log detailed lead and prospect engagement reports directly into your CRM for better insight into the customers’ journey

Avoid manual data input and lag times between lead conversion and prospect outreach, which could lead to errors and lost sales opportunities

Integration planning should be built into your NetSuite ERP implementation project from the start. Learn more about how NetSuite Integrations and Connectors can help your business achieve growth and reach your ROI faster.

Choosing the Right Integration

It’s important to choose the right middleware for your integration project. Together with the Boomi integration platform, our skilled GURUS team will drive your HubSpot and NetSuite integration. Once done, this integration will help your business streamline the flow of information between marketing and sales so that you can provide potential customers with quick reach-outs, and powerful warming campaigns and stay up-to-date on their lead engagement.

What Does a Connector from NetSuite to HubSpot Do?


A connector from NetSuite to HubSpot takes the extra work out so your teams can focus and collaborate to share data more effectively.

  • Maintains stock and ensure faster deliveries so you can improve your customer satisfaction rates
  • Ensures lead data from HubSpot is available in NetSuite for your sales team to quickly take action on
  • Lets you customize your data fields, dashboards, and reports in NetSuite so you can pull the information you need based on your personalized set-up - whenever you need it
  • You can build a lead-scoring system for your teams in HubSpot and have it go directly into NetSuite; include notes (from marketing to sales, for example), and lead activity from the point of conversion
  • Quickly transfers data from HubSpot to NetSuite by synchronizing data flow for companies and contacts between the two platforms
  • Transfers important lead data from HubSpot to your NetSuite ERP with ease (contact info, lead engagement report, lead score, and more)
  • Lets you create HubSpot contacts and lists using NetSuite saved searches & NetSuite contacts through a HubSpot query
  • Gives you real-time updates when a returning lead re-engages in HubSpot, along with new reports in NetSuite (including actions taken by the lead, such as clicks, downloads, form fills, etc)

How to Integrate NetSuite with HubSpot

As with any software integration, to integrate NetSuite with HubSpot, you need the right support and middleware to ensure a good plan for this labor-intensive process. It requires a high level of communication between your departments, your ERP implementation partner, and your integration platform provider.

If you’re wondering why you need an ERP implementation partner with integration experience, there are certain aspects to keep in mind. You’ll have to think about data migration (dissecting your historical data), readjusting specific fields and processes within your disparate platforms for a seamless flow, and the technical expertise to connect it all without any major issues. 

GURUS’ team leverages Boomi’s proven middleware as a connector in addition to a consulting team with over 15 years of award-winning experience to guide and work alongside your team to develop the best possible solution for your business.

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