Challenges of Getting Accurate Spend Projections - HLS, Biotech, Cannabis

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Let’s face it - no company can afford errors or discrepancies when it comes to spend projections. 

For companies within industries that demand a high level of data scrutiny and accuracy in their spend projections and investor reports, such as Health Science companies, Biotech, Clinical Trials, Cannabis, and Pharma, adapting newer cloud-based tools is essential for streamlining their projection process, and ensuring there are no errors along the way. 

In this snippet from GURUS Cloud Connect’s Planning and Budgeting episode, GURUS technical consultant, Matthew Jay, teaches you how to get accurate projections and overcome unnecessary risks for public companies.

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Video Transcript

Athen: I can imagine it's a big deal for a lot of industries that are highly scrutinized, right like I mean anything in Biotech, Clinical Trials, even the emerging Cannabis industry. Their numbers are highly scrutinized and they have to deliver really, really strong data every single quarter. It's a super competitive market, so I imagine at that point, a system like that is totally necessary. 

Matthew Jay: Definitely, because now these systems have the ability to track comments related to specific numbers and things like that, which are totally cool and variable to just go and click it and see “oh goodness me!” Somebody who put comments about this and those are the reasons why it's so high.

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