What is Oracle NetSuite's SuiteCloud and What Does it Do?


What is Oracle NetSuite's SuiteCloud platform and what does it do?

Watch this short SuiteCloud overview to hear one of our NetSuite Gurus guide you through the basics of SuiteCloud and explain how it will be useful for the different members of your ERP team. 

Let us introduce you to the SuiteCloud platform as well as the comprehensive portfolio of cloud development tools, apps, and add-ons, like SuiteConnect, SuiteScript, and SuiteAnalytics, that will help expand your company’s capabilities and enable your developers to leverage NetSuite’s complete functionalities.

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Video Transcript

NetSuite is built on top of an infrastructure that is flexible, powerful, and complete, called the SuiteCloud platform. It begins with a foundation that is scalable, secure, compliant, and transparent. I do have 24/7 system status reports online. You have a 99.5 percent uptime guarantee, and you can test anything prior to going into production with your Sandbox account.

With any of these new feature updates and upgrades, there's no version log, so you can take advantage of these features whenever you choose right after they roll out to your instance. On top of that foundation, we have a set of development and deployment tools and on the Left, it begins with SuiteConnect, which allows us to use connectors to bridge data from one application to another.

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Then we have a SuiteScript, which allows us to program different business logic inside of NetSuite, as well as change the UI. 

Then we have SuiteTalk, and this is where we can build our own custom integration between applications. 

SuiteAnalytics is our built-in business intelligence -  it's how we can query the suite, and build searches or reports. 

SuiteBuilder is the ability to point-and-click to customize the instance, instead of having to code.

This is that business Analyst or that Administrator User I mentioned before. Now that same user can also, instead of using programmable logic with SuiteScript, use SuiteFlow, which is a visual workflow instead of having to use code. 

Now, of course, we mentioned the SuiteApp Marketplace, and this is possible because of the ability to bundle applications, which is what SuiteBundler, as a set of tools here, can also do.

Now, what does that mean for the end-user? It means that we can have a global workforce, we have international language management, we can work from our mobile, so it doesn't matter if we're on a tablet on an iOS, or an Android device, as well as our desktop because NetSuite is 100% browser-independent.

Once we're inside NetSuite, we can Google the swing, we have a global search as we'll see in the demo coming up, and we can create complex forms, and again that's not with code that's just with pointing and clicking.

You can manage unstructured data in that suite, based on any of the fields or databases we want to hold, and we can collaborate within the suite.

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