Bulk Transaction Emailer Solution for NetSuite


Key Benefits

  • Automate transaction emails for multiple recipients at a time.
  • Choose from a selection of templates with the ability to customize messaging for your end recipient.
  • Easily verify which transactions were sent out in emails and quickly resend transactions if required.
  • Attach email history to your transaction record for future auditing.
  • Reduce your invoice cycle by 4 hours/monthly.

Learn More About Our Solution

Send Out Batches of Transaction Emails at a Time

If you’re looking to streamline transaction emails to your clients and reduce the manual work of individually sending out emails, this is the right NetSuite add-on tool for your business.

With our Bulk Transaction Emailer solution for NetSuite users, your accounting team can now send emails on demand when they want and leverage a sophisticated contact sorting system to pre-determine who should be getting which emails. Forget about manual entry or spending hours customizing individual emails.

Bulk Email Recipients Based on Date Ranges & Transaction Types

Users can now select the transactions that they want to email according to date ranges and transaction types without a hassle. Choose from pre-built templates and easily customize the messaging your end recipient will receive in their inbox. Even more, you can select the email author - whether you want your recipient to respond to a generic or group email address.

Is This the Right Solution for Me?

Our Netsuite Bulk Emailing Solution is built to help companies send email notifications to many clients at once. This can allow businesses to remind their clients they have open invoices, have a credit applied to their accounts or confirm the fulfillment of an order.

It has advanced built-in functionalities that integrate with your ERP to help:

  • Invoice large amounts of customers at a time.
  • Manage communication on the status of sales orders, estimates, and other transactions.
  • And reduce the administrative work of emailing many customers similar information.

How Can it Help My Business?

Each month, businesses will have cycles where they want to remind clients of the state of their transactions. If your company has a large number of clients or vendors where your accounting team has to send out many emails at a time, this can be a very time-consuming practice if you’re sending out individual emails to each recipient. It only gets more complicated from there if you need a process review before sending out or want to send different email templates for the same record type.

Are these common struggles familiar?

  • The emails that are sent on a per-transaction basis are sent automatically without the chance to stop for review.
  • It can be difficult to find out which transactions were already sent out by email, especially with high volume.
  • You can only send out emails to the primary contact for the client or vendor.
  • You have to manually enter email addresses for multiple emails on a transaction basis.
  • You want this crucial monthly process to be as streamlined as possible and ensure that you don’t have mistakes in the transaction emails that you’re sending out.

Verify Sent Transaction Emails and Easily Resend

You can rapidly verify which transactions were sent out with emails and resend to specific recipients

With this solution, you can:

  • Choose the email sender
  • Resend emails that have already been sent out
  • Choose from a variety of email templates
  • Filter emails by customer or dates
  • Attach past emails to transaction records for future audits
  • Have a bulk emailing system that supports a variety of transaction types
    (including: Cash Refund, Cash Sale, Check, Credit Memo, Customer Deposit, Customer Payment, Customer Refund, Deposit Application, Estimate/Quote, Expense Report, Invoice, Item Fulfillment, Item Receipt, Purchase Order, Return Authorization, Sales Order, Vendor Bill, Vendor Credit, Vendor Payment, Vendor Return Authorization, Work Order)

Where We Come In

GURUS’ Transaction Bulk Emailer solution automates the process of sending out multiple transaction emails and invoices to your clients and vendors, using a sophisticated system that allows you to filter and group based on transaction date ranges and email history. It is now simple to go through your transaction email records and get more visibility into your vendor and client relationships.