GURUS’ NetSuite to PBCS connector

Gurus’ Unique NetSuite to PBCS Connector configuration gives you the ultimate advantage and visibility into your data.

Solution Overview:
  • Break down your budget management structure with subsidiaries and departments to control your workflow, assign tasks and get full visibility
  • Consolidation and collaboration – departments can work on their own budgets and information is consolidated at the end for a full executive overview
  • Import your budget back into NetSuite
  • Speed optimization for transfer of information from NetSuite to PBCS and performance optimization for accessing budgets alongside imported data
  • Drill through to NetSuite – access NetSuite detailed data  through point and click of aggregated data in PBCS (you access information in NetSuite through PBCS – you can easily access details)
  • Relationships between the two systems to build a reliable financial model
  • Saved searches, rules, mapping, execution schedules, validation reports for financial analysis best practices
  • BONUS:  Single-Sign-On configuration for Google with PBCS (easy and controlled access to the dashboards)
Learn More About Our Unique NetSuite to PBCS Approach

Do you have trouble relating your organizational structure in NetSuite to PBCS?

Our team of NetSuite professionals has leveraged over a decade of experience and knowledge to develop the best practices for connecting NetSuite to PBCS. Our methodology and implementation are geared to bridge the gap between the two systems by mapping department/class/locations (currencies, periods, accounts) to PBCS dimensions. With our approach to your PBCS implementation, your team will be able to drill down into your data and easily compare between subsidiaries and departments, import live data from NetSuite to PBCS for seamless planning, budgeting, historical and actuals financial analysis.

Since your company’s organizational structure as defined in NetSuite cannot be a direct match to the PBCS organizational model, we analyze and configure elaborate mapping rules to bridge the gap. Our expertise and focus is in connecting the subsidiaries records and the department records that may not be clearly related in NetSuite to the entity dimension in PBCS. This mapping eases distributing budgeting workflow across the enterprise (already being facilitated by the cloud technology).

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