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Why choose Oracle+NetSuite ERP vs current EHR / EMR systems you might have in place?

Because we don’t disqualify your current software. Instead, we help implement Oracle+NetSuite so it works in harmony with your pre-existing systems. EHR and EMR have a limited amount of functions, and using them for any more than that can require regular IT checkups and lengthy processes.

The health & medical care industry is a leading industry for scientific innovation - with a current earning of $2.3 trillion (Dun & Bradstreet). As it continues to expand with the marvels of modern research and discovery, it’s important that businesses in the field of medical care adapt properly with a strong resource management infrastructure.

Oracle+NetSuite is a multifunctional cloud software that integrates with other systems to bring all of your information onto a single platform. In fact, before we even implement Oracle+NetSuite’s ERP, we have a sit-down with you to discuss the best possible customization to suit your clinic operations. Once our project reaches completion, you will be able to run all of your clinic operations through an easy-to-use and interconnected system - with highly customizable functions for your own unique business needs.

White Paper: Clinics Run on NetSuite

White Paper: Clinics Run on NetSuite

Massive changes are sweeping the health care industry and dramatically impacting nearly every facet of the market—from manufacturers and suppliers to private clinics and practice management groups.

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Medical practices

Medical practices use highly specialized business processes that require an ERP platform with the kind of flexibility for configuration that only Oracle+NetSuite can provide.

Scale up your practice with Oracle+NetSuite’s cloud ERP

Scale up your practice with Oracle+NetSuite’s cloud ERP

To this day, many companies in the healthcare and medical treatment landscape are struggling with outdated and paper-based systems to organize their data and finances. This can be very challenging for a small or midsize physician’s clinic that lacks the IT resources to deal with fundamental daily issues like mass data entry, secure information sharing, compliance management (HIPAA), or even the cost-structure for managing client relationships.

Oracle+NetSuite’s cloud functionalities

With Oracle+NetSuite’s cloud functionalities, our Gurus team can help your company integrate an improved and up-to-date management system that will facilitate day to day business goals like:

  • Rapid industry growth
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance
  • Budgeting and forecasting for financial projections
  • Real-time information sharing across devices
  • 360 degree view of all operations
  • Monitoring budget allocation and financial constraints
  • Complying with revenue recognition requirements
  • Multiple entity management and consolidation
  • Streamline operations across several locations with real-time consolidation and visibility

Medical Practices Cloud Solutions

Improved CRM & Partner Engagement

Improved CRM & Partner Engagement

NetSuite facilitates patient interaction in both B2B and B2C environments by providing a single platform with a 360 degree view of all operations. We can help your clinic customize NetSuite CRM to keep track of medical practices, manage information campaigns, newsletters - and even boost the collaborative process between your company and your partners. Even more, with these functionalities, your patients will be able to go through online portals to pay bills and find statements. Avoid hassles, like managing several repositories for patient interactions or dealing with cumbersome paperwork to file and statements.

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No matter your current company size, you have to plan for rapid growth – and NetSuite’s ERP functionalities can help ease the process.

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