Integrate your current CRM with NetSuite to Gain Greater Insight into your Business

Integration of your NetSuite system


Without integration of your NetSuite and CRM systems, your sales team is unable to track their sales information from their prospects right through to which ones have been invoiced and which ones have paid. Since their commissions may very well depend on revenues, not having visibility into the entire sales/payment cycle can be frustrating. Likewise, your production and/or your services departments will also experience a lack of insight into the sales process if they cannot access the CRM data to see what's in the pipeline in order to plan out their work.

With NetSuite integration, you get unprecedented visibility into your complete business: from a lead right through to the sale and into the invoicing and fulfillment process. You will see an increase in data accuracy and have complete control over all your business processes.

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Seamless NetSuite Integration / Migration

  • Cloud-to-Cloud CRM and NetSuite integration
  • We are experts in integrating all NetSuite with external CRMs, as well as migrating your external CRM to NetSuite CRM

Extending Services from CRM software

  • Custom Data Model feature
  • Custom Workflows/Approval Process
  • Business Intelligence & MIS Reporting
  • Customize CRM Lead Generation Process, Content and Campaigns

Developing Cloud-based apps on CRM

  • Ensure that only bulletproof apps get deployed into your real-world systems

UI Customization

  • Personalize Standard CRM Functionality
  • Improve the CRM experience for your team and your customers

Benefits for the Entire Organization


Your sales teams get access to up-to-the-minute information on customer projects, including key milestones achieved, project cost, billing and status information directly from your CRM.

Your project/service delivery team gains visibility into the sales pipeline so that they can better forecast and book resources for future projects.

Your executive team will have a consolidated dashboard view of your sales funnel and project/service delivery forecasts, as well as the status and health of your customer projects/engagements including detailed financial analysis of cost, billing, and recognized revenue.

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