How to Improve Efficiency & Productivity in Your Container Management Business

By: Alyssa Lamberti


Every day, millions of products and goods are packaged, shipped, and delivered overseas in containers. Yet, every day, countless shipment containers are delayed due to mix-ups, bad tracking systems, and difficulty accessing shipping information. Every time a container is delayed, your customers become impatient and your company loses money.

Your customers want their products in a variety of custom configurations, that you may not have readily available in your inventory all the time. But you want to get your buyers what they want as quickly as possible, because, let’s face it, you want to keep your customers happy and make money for your organization.

This is where you need to get competitive. 

Delivery time and efficiency can define your business’ success. Estimating delivery times and shipment status based on blind data and risking a delay, or worse, losing track of a container, are not options. Besides, shouldn’t there be a way to make container management a smoother process in today’s world? After all, it’s the 21st century! 

Well, here’s the good news: We know a way to help your company scale up its processes with a modern and innovative solution

How to Upgrade Your Efficiency

To improve your efficiency, you need to improve your practices. The world is evolving, and so should the way that you manage your business. You need to upgrade your business to integrate a more robust, practical solution that will give you visibility for all your orders – from the invoice to the delivery stage. 

Relying on spreadsheet systems to keep track of orders can become a hectic and cumbersome process – especially during busy seasons. Secondly, spreadsheets themselves have become pretty outdated.

Your aim is to always keep increasing the number of shipments that you can handle at a time. In order to plan for that kind of an incline in business, the first thing you have to do is provide your team with the kind of technological backbone that they need to run your back-office operations with total efficiency and 360 degrees of visibility. 

Spoiler: The perfect solution does exist.


The Complete Container Management Solution

With the right system, you don’t need to go searching through inventory shelves or worrying about your containers as they travel across the roaring oceans - your system will keep track of everything for you.

GURUS Solutions’ custom Container Management solution leverages key Oracle+NetSuite features to streamline your procurement to pay process. Our solution is a complete system targeted towards helping you improve efficiency while eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

For a more in-depth look, check out how your container management business can benefit from Cloud technology. 

Our solution helps you:

1. Keep Track of Your Containers 

Keep track of products all along their trajectory. The advanced tracking system utilizes a user-friendly interface to easily track the container’s status from your supplier’s location to your warehouse. Ensure increased client satisfaction with improved time to market speed.

2. Group Products into Containers

Optimize your shipping costs and save money by managing multiple POs with fewer containers. Receive real-time estimates on the number of containers you’re going to need to eliminate time-consuming admin work and unnecessary costs.

3. Gain Control of Your Prices 

Calculate your true landed costs using detail-oriented automated processes. Having an accurate representation of your costs allows you to be more competitive, increase your margins and your overall company revenue.

4. Real-Time Access to Your Inventory

Access all the information that you need, in one just click. Get real-time updates on your inventory’s stock levels to ensure that you make sales that you can fulfill.

5. Streamlined Procurement to Pay Process

As purchase orders are created, individuals can decide which containers will hold which items and record information on the products within each container, the container's value, and its status. That information is sent to the vendor who will then fill in the inventory details, and share them with the customer.

Learn more about our Container Management solution and find out if it’s the right fit for your business.

We also have a webinar if you want to learn about container management on your drive home from work!


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