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Advanced Sales Order Generation

A client had a large number of customers, each with a contract with multiple line items with different delivery schedules. Drivers are assigned to different routes, and logistics have to be put in place so the driver can upload a batch of sales orders in the morning to set delivery schedules etc. On each line item of a an estimate there is the ability to define start date, frequency, day, week basis and next delivery date. Last delivery date is also tracked. A screen is available for employee to generate sales orders for a given route (department) and for a given date range. The last date range and status generated are updated live on the screen and allow employees to have information on the status of all processes.


  • Large number of customers (overcoming metering limitations)
  • Routing
  • Generation status tracking
  • Date schedules per line items
  • Optimization to generate sales orders as fast as possible
  • Allow overnight routing



  • Use of 'Department' classification as 'Route'
  • Use of 'Estimate' transaction as 'Contract'
  • Suitelet that allows users to generated sales orders for one or multiple routes for a specific date range
  • Multi-queue schedule script to generate sales orders optimally
  • Tracking of sales orders by Batch ID that allows the driver to load sales orders for a given batch
  • Use of third party handheld device to load sales orders and allow driver to deliver and reconcile sales orders

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