A/R Master Screen

In order to meet the clients needs, we had to develop a solution that addressed specific requirements, including a screen that allows the user to pay multiple transactions (possibility of thousands) with a single payment, payment method options of ACH, check, credit card, cash, or EFT, and the ability to store over-payment, to reuse stored over-payment to pay, to write off transactions (ex: small payment differences) and to apply rebates (ex: 3% rebate to be applied on entire payment).


  • Very large number of transactions need to be handled (possibly thousands) 
  • Need ability to quickly input transactions numbers and have intelligence to find it and fill the line with the transactions information
  • Overpayment storage and usage (pin money to a customer and reuse this money on future payments)



  • Custom record A/R Multi Payment, A/R Child Payment to track main payment information and each transaction to apply to
  • Scheduled script to process all payments (batch processing)
  • Creation of journals and payments in the background for each different situation to handle
  • Write off custom record to store which write off code applies to which account
  • Ability to overpay or underpay
  • Credit card validation implemented

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