Group Email

One of GURUS Solutions' customers needed to send sales orders pick tickets on a recurring basis to the same teams of people. Since they were processing large numbers of sales orders per day, the basic NetSuite functionality was too cumbersome. The GURUS Solutions team developed a simple solution that streamlined this process into a one click operation.

  • Limited time budget 
  • Greatly simplifies the process of sending emails
  • Allows the creation of configured email address groups
  • Groups can default or be manually overridden when a sales order is created
  • Additional email addresses can be entered directly on the sales order 
  • The email thread is still visible on the sales order
  • Very simple to use


Since the time budget was limited, we needed to find a simple approach. By mixing standard fields with a seclection of custom fields and custom records, we leveraged existing information. The email address groups were deliberately simplified to a format that could be directly handled by scripting without additional processing.


  • A custom record type was created to create email groups. Instances of this custom record type hold email lists - they are the email groups.
  • On a Sales Order transaction, one or more groups can be selected
  • A list of email addresses can also be entered directly in a field of the Sales Order
  • The standard Message field of the Sales Order is added to the body of the email
  • An email Pick Ticket button on the Sales Order allows  mail to be sent using an email template to all the emails stored in the group or on the sales order

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