GURUS Simple Sharepoint Integration

A customer of GURUS Solutions was in need of a quick-and-easy solution to integrate their SharePoint customer folders within NetSuite. GURUS Solutions offered what was needed with minimal customization and practically no effort to implement and use. The solution displays the SharePoint customer folder in a subtab on the Customer record in NetSuite, without the need of any scripting or programming. Just like any SharePoint window, once users are logged in they can manipulate files and execute any command normally available with SharePoint.


Before this solution was implemented, the client had to open their NetSuite Customer record and the SharePoint customer folder in two separate tabs. They also had to browse SharePoint every time to find the appropriate folder.



Configuring and using this feature is as simple as entering the customer's folder name on the Customer Record, refreshing the page and you're good to go! No more searching for the right folder, and you can see your customer's SharePoint folder directly in NetSuite instead of having it on a different page.

If you already a SharePoint folder for all your customers, you can import them quickly and easily using NetSuite CSV Import Assistant.

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